Hunter Page-Lochard talks about the heart wrenching new ABC series FIRES


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The new ABC drama series Fires is inspired by the devastating bushfire season of 2019/2020.

In this podcast, actor Hunter Page-Lochard talks about devastation and tragedy but then also about the community support and spirit that triumphed.

During this chat, Hunter chats about:

  • the level of responsibility as an actor portraying a significant Australian tragedy
  • insights offered by families and volunteers to the cast and crew
  • reliving a tragedy through a character
  • premise of the series
  • Mott (Hunter’s character in the show)
  • Mott and Tash
  • the end of episode 1 (no spoilers)
  • how the fire scenes are actually filmed
  • working with the big names of the Australian industry
  • Play School
  • Streamline
  • where he feels most comfortable acting in
  • the perfect role
  • the balancing line between good drama and showing respect to victims and families
  • how the tone of the show could be described
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Special thanks to Kim Bassett at ABC for organizing this interview

Streamline – released September 2021

A 15-year-old swimming prodigy self-destructs after his father is released from jail.

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