RECAP | JOSH and LUKE not happy with Bathroom drama on THE BLOCK


In Tuesday nights episode of The Block, our contestants are continuing to work on their Guest Bedroom and Re Do Rooms.

Kirsty and Jesse, Mitch and Mark and Tanya and Vito are all doing kids-themed bedrooms. Ronnie and Georgia are similar, although their room could be for a teenager and is gender neutral.

There’s another drama for Josh and Luke. The Block’s main builders Aidan and Simmo visit House No.4 and have some really bad news. The walls on their outdoor bathroom need to come down as they are not compliant.

Aidan and Simmo are really annoyed at the boys and their builder Ryan because what they promised on the plans didn’t add up — there should be screens (not walls) around the bathroom.

Luke is very emotional about this and they plan to fight it. Luke says the bathroom is the heart and soul of their house.

Kirsty and Jesse on House No.5 are having some real issues as they have so many rooms to complete or start this week, five in total.

Foreman Dan takes Tanya and Vito for a road trip to visit Jimmy and Tam’s house in Brighton up the road.

The Block contestants get a text – it’s challenge time.


Our Blockheads get the ferry to Williamstown for this challenge. There is a rowing challenge at the beginning that Josh and Luke win. The point of the challenge is to make a sculpture from materials from a boat that is shipwrecked.

Whatever they create must hang in their bedroom. Luke and Josh get to choose their materials first because they won the first part of the challenge.

After a long day, Neale arrives and judges. It’s an easy win for Kirsty and Jesse. While they take the $10,000 in cash they miss getting the gnome as they pick the wrong treasure chest.

Tanya and Vito’s sculpture is particularly awful.

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