LIVING BLACK profiles a small town in NSW in crisis


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The small town of Wilcannia in far western NSW is in crisis.

With low life expectancy, severe overcrowding and high rates of chronic disease, the town is still cut off from the outside world thanks to a devastating COVID outbreak.

With just a local shop operating on limited hours and basic supplies provided by a volunteer workforce, this vulnerable town feels forgotten.

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In exclusive interviews with COVID-19 positive locals, Karla Grant hears from a woman who was left sitting outside Wilcannia Hospital through a freezing night with pneumonia, and a family who were refused transport and forced to walk for kilometres along a highway to the COVID-19 isolation centre.

Join Karla Grant as she investigates how COVID-19 reached Wilcannia, how this town had prepared for an outbreak 18 months ago only to have its plans ignored and why the Federal Government’s priority vaccine rollout failed.

Living Black: COVID crisis in Wilcannia premieres on NITV at 8pm on Tuesday 14 September.

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