RECAP | Brynne Edelsten the first to leave SAS AUSTRALIA


Celebrities stripped bare in explosive premiere.

Tonight on SAS Australia, 18 celebrities volunteered to put their privileged lives behind and embark on the toughest test of their lives – a condensed, but very real, version of the Special Forces selection course.

Under the direction of Chief Instructor Ant Middleton and the DS (Directing Staff) Mark “Billy” Billingham, Jason “Foxy” Fox and Ollie Ollerton, these star recruits were forced to endure a shocking tear gassing exercise before even entering the compound, the first step in stripping them of their egos.

“Everyone thinks they’re hardcore until they get f*cking gassed,” said Middleton.

Surprised by the biggest recruit reacting so strongly to the tear gas, the DS brought #16 Sam Burgess into the Mirror Room for questioning, where he proceeded to come clean about the personal events which brought him there.

“I just completed 28 days of rehab because my last 18 months have been crazy,” said Burgess. “Everything I’ve touched turned to sh*t, I’ve lost it all.”

The recruits’ world of pain and suffering continued, with a dangerous test of endurance – a helicopter ladder crossing high above a lake – which proved too challenging for some.

One of the few to successfully complete the task, recruit #17 Alicia Molik, received a brutal dressing down from Middleton after a blatant display of showboating. As punishment, all recruits faced their first beasting back on the Parade Square.

Collapsing under the pressure, #3 Brynne Edelsten became the first recruit to VW (voluntarily withdraw) from the course, stating: “Even though I’m disappointed I’m leaving, I know that I need to because my body is not strong enough to keep doing these things.

“But I have no regrets about this, if anything it encourages me to keep going and see what I can do in the future,” said Edelsten.

The 17 recruits still on course in the hope of passing SAS selection are:
Alicia Molik – Tennis Champion
Bonnie Anderson – Singer / Actor
Dan Ewing – Actor
Emma Husar – Former Politician
Erin Holland – TV Presenter
Heath Shaw – AFL Star
Isabelle Cornish – Actor
Jana Pittman – Dual Olympian
Jessica Peris – Sprinter
Jett Kenny – Ironman
John Steffensen – Olympic Medallist
Kerri Pottharst – Beach Volleyball Olympian
Koby Abberton – Bra Boy
Manu Feildel – Celebrity Chef
Mark Philippoussis – Tennis Legend
Pete Murray – Musician
Sam Burgess – NRL Star

Tomorrow 7.30pm, recruits face a terrifying test of courage, 30 metres above ground, before a claustrophobic, underground wormhole task which gets smaller and smaller the further in they go. Plus, Emma Husar exposed and Erin Holland lives every woman’s worst nightmare.

SAS Australia continues Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus, where you can find uncensored episodes, deleted scenes, extended interrogations and exit calls.  

SAS Australia – Monday-Wednesday 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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