Adam and Symon return to Foxtel on GOGGLEBOX AUSTRALIA

Australia’s favourite couch critics are all ready to return to their lounges and our screens, as they watch their television screens and kick off season 14 of Gogglebox Australia on FOXTEL from tomorrow.

Will our favourite couch commentators survive another season of Australian Survivor? Will they tune in for The Block and side with the fans or the favourites? Will they be on opposing teams watching FOXTEL’s upcoming Love It Or List It Australia?

In a week when a cheating scandal on the Block was up against The Voice knock outs and The Bachelor finale, the Goggleboxers have a lot to say.

On Bachelor finalist Brooke’s departure: “Brooke’s heart is going to shatter like a plate at Greek Easter.”- Chantel.


“She will be in therapy for the next ten years,” Mick says. “She’s a therapist she can look after herself.”- Di.

“He didn’t get on his knee, is he proposing?”- Keith. “Keith you asked me in the car, so you wanna get married or not? Did you get on your knee? Don’t go hanging sh*t on this guy.”-Lee.

“There has been so much about this (The Block) cheating scandal, it better be good.”- Kate.

“Is this like MAFS, is someone going to throw a drink?”- Adam

“Who do you think did it Kerry?”- Emmie. “I seriously don’t give a flying….”- Kerry.

Returning to a new couch and loungeroom are Queensland surfing mates and once flatmates, Milo and Nic (pictured) who have both moved outand in with their respective partners. Milo joins Nic on his couch and introduces us to his 13-week-old cavoodle Yoshimoto.

Adam and Symon return for this season and will be sure to show off their socks again because they have too many pairs they haven’t worn, and the world needs to see.

Sarah Marie and Matty, will Zoom in with best mate Jad, while frontline worker/nurse Kaday will settle on her couch with best friend Chantel Zooming in too. Also returning to their familiar couches are dealers of indigenous art Mick and Di, happily married couple and grandparents Lee and Keith,Greek best friends Anastasia and Faye, brother and sister foodies Tim and Leanne and tight knit family of four The Daltons. The Silbery family– 92-year-old Emmie and daughter Kerry will sit on their own couch in their own home for the first time with Isabelle phoning in.

Gogglebox Australia is an Endemol Shine Australia production for FOXTEL and Network 10 which airs Gogglebox Australia the day after FOXTEL, beginning Thursdays at 8.30pm from September 9.


Gogglebox Australia Season 14 will be available to stream On Demand on FOXTEL following its broadcast on LifeStyle. Previous seasons are also available On Demand for viewers wanting to catch up on past episodes of Gogglebox Australia.

Gogglebox Australia – Wednesday 7:30pm on LifeStyle and On Demand




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