RECAP | Are MITCH and MARK cheating? JOSH and LUKE storm out on THE BLOCK


In Monday nights episode, are Mitch and Mark cheating because they are ordering ahead? Ronnie certainly thinks so.

(Episode 18)

It’s Master Ensuite this week on The Block.

Kirsty and Jesse won the first basement week and couldn’t be happier.

Ronnie and Georgia and Kirsty and Jesse however aren’t happy at the punishment for Josh and Luke and Tanya and Vito regarding the photo scandal. They should have been punished more than just losing two points last night at Scotty’s HQ.

It’s still quite awkward on The Block. Tanya is overheard talking to a friend calling Mitch and Mark fake liars and grumpy old men to a friend.

It’s the Domain Open For Inspections and most people are happy that Kirsty and Jesse won.  Tanya and Vito hate the curtains in Ronnie and Georgia’s cinema room. Ronnie and Georgia pick apart Tanya and Vito’s cinema room too. Josh and Luke accuse Georgia of creating a cinema room straight off Pinterest.

This week there are two public holidays because of Easter which is causing all sorts of issues.

Josh and Luke are doing and indoor/outdoor bathroom which will be their Suncorp Game Changer, although it is a real risk because of the climate in Melbourne.

They also have major problems with the plumbing in their space this week because it’s under a concrete slab that was supposed to be the garage. Remembering, the boys switched around their garage and master bedroom on The Block because there were no plans.

Kirsty and Jesse head away for the night as a reward for winning, and it’s nice for them to have some time off The Block.

Mitch and Mark are already waterproofing on a Monday. This is raising suspicion especially for Ronnie – are they ordering ahead?

It isn’t helped as it’s obvious Mitch has also ordered lots from Reece in advance.

The Block (image - Channel 9)
The Block (image – Channel 9)

They also have special sheeting from CSR that is delivered ahead of time. On The Block, all materials are supposed to be delivered at the same time so it’s fair for all contestants. Ronnie and Georgia in particular are furious.  Ronnie calls Mitch a little “bitch,”.

Mitch and Mark are approached by Keith and Dan and asked why they are ordering ahead. Mark said he got a message from CSR saying they could because it was a public holiday. It turns out the message was from Mitre 10 in Bayswater after Dan inspects it. He calls Mitch and Mark sneaky and Mark isn’t happy, thinking he is being accused of lying. 

At the Winners and Grinners dinner Kirsty plays a song called Your Cheating Heart and Josh and Luke are not happy at all because of the cheating reference. They storm off and don’t come back. Tanya on the other hand is laughing and clapping a long – but is it fake?

The Block airs Sunday to Wednesday on Channel 9 and 9Now

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