OPINION | The dumbest programming decision of the year


10 has announced it will switch the Australian Survivor finale from Tuesday September 7 to Sunday September 12.

This puts it squarely in the firing line of The Voice Australia grand final on Seven and a room reveal on The Block off the back of a week of scandal – both expected to rate through the roof.

The Voice

10 had previously thought that Seven may run The Voice Australia finale on Monday September 6th and was therefore going to run The Masked Singer Australia on Sunday September 12th.

With confirmation that Seven would be running The Voice Australia on September 12th, 10 has scheduled The Masked Singer Australia for Monday September 13th, leaving a gaping hole in the schedule for the Sunday night.

The thinking by 10 is that they will need the best possible platform on Sunday night to promote The Masked Singer Australia on Monday and Making It Australia on Wednesday.

10 would rather air something strong like Australian Survivor on the Sunday with guaranteed ratings rather than leaving Sunday with dead air space.

The major issue with this is that viewers have embraced Australian Survivor this year, to the point that it has put real pressure on Nine’s The Block.

The third-ranked commercial network had the opportunity of running the finale on Tuesday September 7th with little competition from Seven or Nine , meaning all eyes would be on the 10 spectacle.

However, 10 is taking a real dump on its Australian Survivor viewers by making them choose between The Voice Australia grand final and a room reveal on The Block.

If the finale had always been planned that way, then that is the way it falls, however, 10 has chosen to move the finale into the firing line all by themselves.

Advertisers that were expecting massive Tuesday shares will be annoyed about the competition they now have to face and lower exposure.

10 has dumped on their viewers and their potential ratings and definitely their advertisers on this one.

This has to win the award for ‘dumbest programming decision of the year’.

Hopefully 10 will see sense, do a reversal, and instead air The Project 9/11 Special after The Sunday Project.

Note: Due to an ongoing dispute regarding editorial independence, the 10 Network and its parent company ViacomCBS declined to provide assistance in the preparation of this content.

Aaron Ryan
Aaron Ryan is currently the Broadcast Guide Editor and a podcast contributor for TV Blackbox. An experienced media writer, his work has appeared on sites including TV Central and Mumbrella since 2009. For all media enquiries please call 0400-218-566



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