FOX DOCOS set to launch today


New research reveals the wide-ranging genres of documentaries that have Aussies hooked and the new wave of conversation and investigation being driven from watching

New research, commissioned by Foxtel, has revealed documentary viewing has reached an all-time high with 89% of Australians tuning in to watch a documentary or docu-series in the last 18 months, and Aussie households watching an average of 11 documentaries during that time. The research, conducted by YouGov*, showed NSW, VIC and SA were the states that saw the biggest peak in viewing compared to residents in WA (13.04, 11.96, 11.47 compared to 7.45).


Documentaries are shaping a new wave of compelling conversations and search behaviour, with over 70% of people having conversations inspired by watching them in the last month, 57% using documentaries to widen their knowledge and 26% turning to them for escapism. 

Almost half (45%) of those who viewed a documentary dug deeper, researching a topic or real-life event or individual while watching it, while one in four (28%) sought out other programs and podcasts to carve out more of the story. One third (34%) were influenced by their documentary of choice so much so it changed their opinion on a matter. 

The research showed Gen Z are the most likely generation to became more vocal on environmental or human rights issues after watching a documentary or docu-series (30%). 


At a time when many of us are running out of things to talk about, documentaries are igniting a new wave of conversation and connection amongst Australians with 22% saying they’ve messaged a friend about a documentary while watching it, 13% saying they’ve posted to social about a documentary while watching it, and 11% saying they’ve used what they’ve learnt as a conversation starter on a dating app.


The top genres of documentaries being watched are history and world events (41%) and crime/true crime and justice (35%). Other genres seeing growing popularity are environmental and nature stories (30%), science and medicine (27%) and travel (23%).

The research also uncovered unexpected genres of choice across generations and demographics, with millennials displaying a strong interest in stories about religion and cults (15%) and Australian women investing heavily in true crime stories with almost half (45%) listing it as their favourite documentary genre compared to just 26% of men.

Foxtel is today launching FOX DOCOS, a first-of-its-kind, dedicated destination for award-winning documentaries from around the world.

Jim Buchan, FOXTEL General Manager, Factual, said: 

“The popularity of true and unforgettable stories with Australian audiences is at its peak. This new research uncovered the variety of genres Australians are now turning into and the compelling conversations and connections these stories are igniting amongst viewers. In our mission to bring world-class entertainment to the living rooms and screens of more Australians each and every day, we are excited to launch FOX DOCOS giving our customers an unrivalled destination for brand new, highly acclaimed world class documentaries all in one place.”  

“Featuring a broad range of content from renowned producers, directors and distributors, FOX DOCOS will appeal to all ages. From headline-grabbing scandals, celebrity biographies and artist performances to incredible sporting moments, epic travelogue series and inspiring stories of everyday people, FOX DOCOS will unfold the story and enhance audience understanding of our fascinating, ever-changing world at a time when we need it the most.”

FOX DOCOS launches on 1 September exclusively on FOXTEL






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