EXCLUSIVE | Seven to commission brand new CRIME INVESTIGATION AUSTRALIA and postpones ALL NEW MONTY


With AGT on hold, Seven makes changes to its Q4 strategy.

Crime Investigation Australia
Crime Investigation Australia (image – Seven)

Seven has commissioned fresh new episodes of the true crime series Crime Investigation Australia to be rolled out before the end of the year.

The network has previously aired the Foxtel version of the series but re-edited them with narration by Matt Doran.

Going forward new episodes will be made from scratch by Seven and air exclusively on Seven.

The rollout of new episodes coincides with a strong slate of programming to wrap the year including Big Brother VIP, Manhunt UK, and two seasons of SAS Australia.

The highly promoted 50th anniversary Hey Hey It’s Saturday special will also round out the year, as will the recently promoted 7NEWS Investigates William Tyrell disappearance special.

The cast of Hey Hey Its Saturday during a 2009 reunion special (image - IMDB)
The cast of Hey Hey Its Saturday during a 2009 reunion special (image – IMDB)

Additionally, the second season of The All New Monty has been postponed for this year due to COVID related restrictions. Australia’s Got Talent was also put on hold due to lockdown restrictions.

Many Australian TV productions are facing issues as they try to navigate state lockdowns and changing rules.

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