ABC launches new teen-focused gaming show THE LOOT DROP


Update: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown in Sydney. The ABC advices production on this program has been postponed indefinitely. TV Blackbox will advice when it set to return

From the team behind Good Game: Spawn Point comes The Loot Drop – a new weekly video game news and chat show for teens.

Every week, long-time gamer, first-time ABC ME host, Nathan Niguidula, will be joined by celebrity guests to guide viewers through the biggest announcements, previews, and rumours from across the gaming world.

The show will offer expert opinion, hot takes, unpredictable fun, and encourage those watching live to get involved in the conversation!

Gamers will be able to join a “Virtual Studio Audience” on Twitch where live comments will help shape each episode as it’s made!

Viewers aged 13 or over with a Twitch account will be able to tune in from 4pm Wednesdays (ABCLootDrop – Twitch) to watch live as the show is made. The audience can share their opinions via the chat, with segments of the show dedicated to reading and responding to the best comments.

The finished episodes will then make it to air every Saturday night at 9:25pm on ABC ME or on demand via ABC iview.

Production credits: An ABC Production.

The Loot Drop premieres Saturday 28 August at 9.25pm on ABC ME and iview




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