ALLISON LANGDON wears the same pastel pantsuit three days in a row on THE TODAY SHOW


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It was all in the name of charity, but why did Karl and Ally’s fashion choices go largely unnoticed?

It’s a stunt we’ve seen before, when Karl Stefanovic wore the same suit for a year, in an attempt to highlight the sexist double standards faced by women. But now, the Today Show is at it again, with Karl and Ally both donning the same wardrobe for the past three days.

While Ally’s pastel pink pantsuit was undoubtedly more striking and noticeable than Karl’s white shirt and dark blue suit jacket, the lack of wardrobe change still went largely unnoticed. The Daily Mail even did a fashion report on the pink number, yet despite a few queries on Media Spy, it seems to have flown under people’s radars. In fact, when TV Blackbox approached Nine for comment before it was revealed on the show, we were the only outlet who had asked the question thus far.

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It turned out to be for a very good cause, raising funds and awareness for Orange Sky Australia, who support people experiencing homelessness, through what is known as ‘The Sudsy Challenge‘. Karl and Ally explain below.

With so little media attention until the big reveal today, are the days of caring what women wear on air a distant memory? Unfortunately, I don’t think so. While Karl could’ve gotten away with it for a little longer (perhaps even a year), I think Ally’s pink number would’ve raised alarm bells after a few more appearances.

But is that because she is a woman, or because her outfit is more striking? In my opinion, it’s both. While yes, it is easier to spot a pink pantsuit, than a dark blue suit jacket, there is still a huge amount of scrutiny on what women wear on television, and in their everyday lives. Whether they are comments of adoration or disapproval, what women wear is critiqued each and every day, to a different level to men, and I don’t think that is going to change any time soon.

However, that is a conversation for another time, and what should be taken away from this, is the brilliant work that Orange Sky Australia do. Good on Karl and Ally for raising awareness for this worthy cause!

Wednesday August 18

Karl and Ally August 17 (image – Today)

Thursday August 19

Karl and Ally August 18 (image – Today)

Friday August 20

Karl and Ally August 20 (image – Today)
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Abbey Mikkelsen
Abbey Mikkelsen
Abbey Mikkelsen is a producer of the ANJ, ROB & ROBBO SHOW, having worked previously at STUDIO 10 as the Production Assistant. She is a writer and producer of the TV BLACKBOX podcast, and contributor to the TV Blackbox website. She is also the host & executive producer of the PLAYING IT BY EAR podcast. For all media enquiries, please contact Abbey via: [email protected]



  1. Is this really newsworthy. Perhaps they should try rerunning the same show every day for a week and see who notices

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