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MTV BACK AND BEYOND jumps into the 2000’s this weekend

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The party continues this Saturday, with MTV Back and Beyond, an exclusive month long music content block dedicated to celebrating four decades of the iconic MTV Brand.

Classic performances mixed with future legends, August continues to be all about music.

This weekend, jump into the 2000’s for a jam packed day of decade of defining music moments. From Garage Rock to Pop and Dance and R&B, the music of the 00’s was all over the map with a selection of voices and music that cultivated future icons.

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Step into the archives and tune into the stunning MTV Unplugged performance from Alicia Keys. Go behind the music with My Life On MTV: Lincoln Park, Green Day, Coldplay and U2. And get a look into the Diary Of Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne.

Every Saturday in August, the curated music block is set to be a celebration of epic music moments looking back and beyond to celebrate MTV past, present and future.

MTV Back & Beyond continues Saturday, 21 August on MTV

Note: Due to an ongoing dispute regarding editorial independence, the 10 Network and its parent company ViacomCBS declined to provide assistance with the preparation of this content.

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