Tasmania and WA viewers left wondering what has happened to SKY NEWS


A recent relaunch of the Sky News free-to-air channel has left viewers in some sections of the country angry at the sudden loss of the service.

Over the past few days, this website has received numerous complaints from viewers who were surprised and frustrated by the sudden removal of the channel.

Recent changes to affiliate agreements mean the channel, previously known as Sky News On WIN has now moved to a new broadcasting partner Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) for much of Australia.

The decision has left the channel no longer available in Tasmania, regional Western Australia and Mildura.

Sky News Regional is now broadcast on Channel 56 in the SCA regional markets across Victoria, Southern NSW and Queensland. Sky News Regional is also broadcast on the WIN Network’s Channel 53 in Northern NSW, Griffith, NSW and South Australia.

A spokesperson for Sky News confirmed the issue telling TV Blackbox:

“The WIN Network’s agreement to broadcast Sky News on WIN across their licensed regional areas, including Tasmania, regional WA and Mildura, ended on July 31.

Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) and the WIN Network entered into new agreements with Sky News in some parts of regional Australia to broadcast Sky News Regional from August 1.  

Sky News Regional will, unfortunately, not be available for free-to-air broadcast in Tasmania, regional WA and Mildura.”


Kevin Perry
Co-Creator and Editor of the TV Blackbox website, Kevin Perry is an experienced media commentator focused on TV Production, Consumer Tech, SVOD & Sports Broadcasting. Media enquiries please Call or Text 0428-275-111


  1. … they’ll just have swap Bolt and Credlin for Grant and Tingle and watch the ABC instead … not that much difference !!!!!!

    • No worries SC and WIN, everyone else treats rural Australians with utter contempt so you lot may as well too, haven’t left us with too many choices eh

      • Yeah, you can help. Send someone round to fix up a satellite dish so we can pull in channel 56… becos all the other commercial channels ain’t much better than the ABC wrt left wing/woke bias. If you can’t do that then at least don’t trivialise the people who have been disadvantaged.

        • Hi Daniel – My response wasn’t to trivialise anything, and I apologise that this is how you interpreted it. I was legitimately asking Graham as to who would be politically interfering as he inferred. As to accessing Sky News you are welcome to subscribe to Foxtel to regain access to it. In fact, you can access Sky News via Foxtel Now without payment online or via Smart TV/tablet app.

          • It would be political interfering by WIN, And I am well aware about my options vis-a-vis alternative avenues to receive Sky News, thank you.

      • Daniel,
        My whole extended family agree with the views expressed here – outback QLD to Tasmania. Sky and the Outsiders provide real news and brave push back against the tax-payer funded propaganda merchants on ABC and SBS. The novel 1984 was a prophecy and not intended to be a manual for society, and yet here we are – surrounded by the useful idiots and the Australian version of the Ministry for Truth. Alarm bells are ringing. For those who have the ears to hear and eyes to see, we know the Great Reset is upon us. Thank you very much for taking action and setting up this petition – all the best.

  2. Very dissapoint we don’t have any sky news in Tasmania 10 times better than the ABC Please bring it back to Tasmania

    • Totally agree. Leaving us to watch the leftist garbage put out by the ABC and the other commercial channels, IT JUST AIN’T FAIR!!!

      • Look forward to you being able to give us sky news on TV Free, but don’t forget W.A we don’t get it at all here.

  3. Extremely disappointed that Sky News Regional will not be available in Tasmania.
    What have we done wrong.

  4. Lord how the outsiders are missed in our house, poor hubby has no one to argue with sunday morning, Please please can we have Sky back, Just so i can do some work

  5. Actually I’m gutted! Really like the outsider’s on Sunday, sky actually had an honest opinion. ABC is utter left elite tripe! Tip rat koshey, and today is like used chip paper. As for sbs neither here or there. Thing’s could be worse they could air the BBC to put that final nail in the coffin.

  6. Well that’s great isn’t it. Won’t be watching these crap life style programs, just another channel to delete of the TV.

  7. No doubt that a station as sky news tells a different story to what the political brains trust of the country agree with means that we must get rid of it so as we can become a little more like china. Maybe the truth or just a different opinion hurts

  8. Absolutely. I have no idea what WIN though they were doing. It certainly can have nothing to do with increasing their viewing numbers.

  9. So,so disappointed that Win Network and Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) have made the decision to cancel us here in Tasmania and parts of regional WA. Please lets all stand up to this. Not good enough. I for one will not be watching those networks from now. Hope their ratings drop dramatically. Only left with “Their ABC’ as a news channel. Not much of an alternative,Aye!. I’m writing to Sky News Australia, Alan Jones, Paul Murray, Peter Credlin, Andrew Bolt etc to get them to have a go for us. We are loyal viewer out here.

  10. The removal of Sky Channel News from Tasmania smacks of Political interference in any thinking persons
    perception. This is an important News Service regarding keeping Governments Challenged.
    Governments need to wake up to the fact that People are well awake these days and demand that they be listened too.

    Graham Westall

    • Hi Graham – who would (or could) be politically interfering with the broadcast of Sky News in Tasmania? You currently have a Liberal Government in that state, and Sky News has always been supportive of conservative governments.

  11. Would prefer Bolt & Credlin to the lefty Grant & Tingle( their not even in the same league) !!!!,

  12. The far controllers in Canberra must be pleased given how FOX swung the bush vote in the last election. Subscribe to FOX news via your own dish – it is not that expensive and its easy to record the programs you like. If you have internet or hotspot you can get the programs via their facebook links. Another good site (US)
    — this gives you videos from lots of shows in the US – make sure you bookmark it as youtube takes you elsewhere as soon as the video you are watching finishes… My Favorite is Gutfeld! mind you Tucker Carlson is so refreshing to watch after a diet of our OZ sanitized news. Australian news is crap!

  13. No response from Sky News Australia, Peta Credlin, Alan Jones or Paul Murray to whome I sent emails several weeks ago in regards Sky News on WIN no longer transmitting to Tasmania.I even sent a text message direct to Alan Jone’s TV show text line. Still no reply. I think folks we are trying to flog a dead horse here. Until the next contract comes up for review maybe in a year or three’s time, no one cares.The new network Southern Cross have opened up in other more lucrative areas. Yes I and many others are disappointed, however I’m also disappointed that I didn’t at least get an aknowledgement of the correspondence I sent to the above mentioned. Let Southern Cross Network not forget that Tasmania is a great place and their valued viewers are left with a sub standard tax payer “Their ABC”.

  14. And how do you know this to be a commercial decision? It may well be ideologically driven. When one sees the rubbish that Sky has been replaced by, it is hard to see that their ratings would go up. And the fact that so many regional areas that have bought into Sky News makes it hard to understand that whilst they obviously think it’s a wise decision, Tasmania in its wisdom thinks otherwise.

  15. That does not always follow. Virtue signalling has become an important part of market policy… take for example the Coon/Cheers Cheese debacle…

    • Hi Daniel – interesting you call it virtue signalling. I understand the history of Coon cheese and I know they made a choice not because of the history of the company but for the racist overtones of the word. That’s not virtue signalling; that’s offering respect to Australia’s indigenous people.

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