MITCH TAMBO is the special guest in season finale of Courtney Act’s One Plus One


Full trailer released for QUEER AS FOLK on Stan

Set in New Orleans, one of the most unique queer communities in North America, Queer As Folk is a reimagining of the ground breaking British series created by Russell T. Davies. 
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Mitch Tambo has loved music since he was a child.

He tells Courtney Act about sharing his language with the world, and they compare notes on their time as reality TV stars.

Over five episodes, Courtney will flex her interview prowess to shine a spotlight on some of Australia’s young gamechangers, who are striving to make a difference not only in their own lives but who also entertain, educate, and positively inspire others around the world.

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Courtney’s guests open-up to her about their lived experiences, beliefs and challenges that have helped shape their thinking and direction in life. In their own way, each guest illustrates the complex nature of the world as Courtney explores both their achievements and failures with empathy, admiration and a sense of fun.

Production Credits: An ABC NEWS Production. Supervising Producer Jamie Cummins. Executive Producer Annie White.

Courtney Act’s One Plus One – Aweng Chuol Series 1, Episode 4 airs Monday July 19 at 8.00pm on ABC and iview

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  1. What a wonderful Interview or Courtney Act is – last nights program was outstanding and what an intelligent and impressive young man Mitch Tambo is

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