Regional TV viewers left wondering what has happened to 9LIFE?


After a five-year absence, WIN Television returned to being the home of Nine Network programming today across much of regional Australia. As previously reported, the broadcaster has signed a 7-year affiliation agreement with Nine in a move WIN hopes will provide it a significant boost in the ratings.

At the same time, Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) is now the home for 10 Network programming in Victoria, Southern NSW and Queensland. The deal between SCA and 10 is currently only for two years, leading to speculation SCA could seek to find a new partnership with the Seven Network.

The overnight changes has left regional viewers having to get use to new channel numbers for their favourite stations. 9network content is now located in the 80’s while Network 10 content can be found in the 50’s (see charts below).

Angry social media users complaining at the loss of 9LIFE (image - Mediaspy)
Angry social media users complaining at the loss of 9LIFE (image – Mediaspy)

The new affiliation deal see’s youth audience focussed multichannel 10 Shake broadcast into SCA regional markets for the first time, but it has also meant the temporary removal of 9Life.

The good news is TV Blackbox can confirm 9Life will return to the WIN line-up from August 1st, the channel is currently unavailable due to an existing agreement between WIN and Sky News which is set to expire at the end of this month.

During the month of July, regional viewers can keep up with 9Life programming by using the 9Now streaming platform.

TV Blackbox first revealed the broadcasting issues regarding 9Life back in March, but with WIN Television only providing a minimal marketing campaign regarding the affiliation swap, many regional viewers have been left surprised by the changes.

The new affiliate agreement does not include the 9Rush multichannel which will continue to only be available in regional markets via streaming platform 9Now. The high-definition version of 9Gem will also continue to be unavailable in regional markets under the new deal.

Southern Cross Austereo Channels from July 1st

Channel NameChannel NumberFormat
Channel 105
Channel 10 HD50Mpeg4
10 Bold52
10 Peach53
10 Shake54Mpeg4
SBN Religion55Mpeg4
Aspire Shopping (Until July 31st)56Mpeg4
Sky Regional (Commences Aug 1st)56Mpeg4
Channel line-up for Victoria, Southern NSW and Queensland on SCA stations

Nine regional channels on WIN from July 1st

Channel NameChannel NumberFormat
Channel 98
Channel 9 HD80Mpeg4
Sky News on WIN (Until July 31st)83Mpeg4
9Life (Commences Aug 1st)83Mpeg4
This information includes Southern NSW & ACT, Griffith, Queensland, Victoria, Mildura, Tasmania, Mt Gambier & Riverland
Kevin Perry
Co-Creator and Editor of the TV Blackbox website, Kevin Perry is an experienced media commentator focused on TV Production, Consumer Tech, SVOD & Sports Broadcasting. Media enquiries please Call or Text 0428-275-111


  1. So where are we at for users of the VAST satellite service? We’re constantly forgotten about, we’ve literally never even heard of any of these channels in our regions, and nobody at any of the networks seem to care about it.

      • Shouldn’t have to wait till 1st of August to watch our favourite channel. Sorry, but doesn’t say much for the your thought process and programming. Why even take it off the air for a month? Makes absolutely no sense at all. Also, to move the channels around is even more frustrating.

      • And don’t forget the new TV antenna a specially designed to receive the new 9Life channel 😂😂😂

    • Thanks for this article. I just tried auto-tuning wondering where the hell the only channel I watch (9 lifestyle) had gone. I tape all my favourite house shows so I can fast forward through all the advertisements and recaps. Can’t do that on 9 Now so cold turkey for a month.

    • I agree with you – my fave channel too & many of us don’t have enough data allowance to watch shows through another device or pay tv.
      Very disappointed that we’ll actually be able to watch 9Life through ordinary tv from 1st. August.

      • Oops ” Very disappointed!” And hopefully we’ll be able to watch 9 Life on ordinary tv from 1st. August.

  2. The new affiliation deal see’s youth audience focussed multichannel 10 Shake ..
    You think shits bad now.?….In 10 years the country’s going to be run by kids that were homeschooled by alcoholics…..

    • Hi Dawn – in no small part it’s because WIN have limited broadcast signal and the SKY NEWS channel they run until the end of July is taking the spot 9Life would. Once Sky News ends on WIN, 9Life kicks in.

  3. Will the changes mean more recent programmes and movies,,not like we have been having with repeat after repeat,,movies from the 40″s and upwards..I also love 9Life and was shocked to find it gone,,,I very rarely watch TV anyway,,it’s just not worth watching

  4. Worry about the viewers maybe occasionally?9 Life is a very popular channel maybe you could have informed us what was happening? I have spent all day trying to find out. Thanks a lot Ch 9.

    • I agree Elaine – the loss of 9 Lifechannel has been a huge issue for quite a few people I know who find it hard to understand why their favourite channel has disappeared (ie mentally challenged viewers). Our R & R time is now in limbo.
      PEACH (Ch. 351) also seems to have disappeared?
      Where is that now?

  5. How ridiculous
    At least 9 Life gave you something to watch that wasn’t Covid news, kids TV or sport.

    • Wow! I thought I was the only one that loved 9life for the same reasons u said. They should of got rid of stupid religious or channels selling CRAP instead and kept our favourite channel on. Idiots running the idiot box. With the exception of 9life of course

    • 9Life was my favourite!! Not happy all!! They could do away with Sky News on Win right now and who would miss it?? I can’t get 9Now on my TV…apparently it’s a ‘thing’ with Samsung smart TV’s…some sort of licensing issue?? So now stuck for a month when 9Life would have been my mainstay to avoid all the news, sport, ‘reality’ shows and multi-repeated movies (eg The Shawshank Redemption)!!! NOT HAPPY JAN!!!

      • I can’t get 9Now on my Samsung tv either. What a shambles our tv programme selection is since 1st. July – & why save the change until all the EOFY new television sales have finished!?

  6. So, this just sux. Why not get rid of Gold, since it is just home shopping?
    Now a month of no 9life…come on Aug 1….

  7. It’s the only channel l love to watch 😪it’s would be nice to let people know like and bloody Ad.
    Not Happy Jan.

  8. What a joke why take off the best free to air channel! I spent hours trying to auto tune my tv looking for it! You could’ve at least told people what was happening! GGOD ONE 9🤬

    • I had a few tries to auto tune my tv set too, to try to find my missing favourite channels! Was about to go out to buy a new tv set in case my 8-year set was the problem.

  9. Thanks for the warning, sick of celebrity, reruns, and cooking shows. 9Life was the norm for most, now my options are cartoons or nothing until Aug 1st, Guess its time to do some reno.

  10. In protest ive deleted sky news and 10 and lousey TV snd bombarded with ads and whole channels dedicated to sell sell rubbish products…delete them least nine life channel doesnt make you cry or feel the world has ended.better to watch all the chateau shows on youtube that are current and uplifting.come on all come to France.u can skip the ads on youtube or do as i do then run and monetise your favourites and run off and do a few chores…superwoman feats in 3 minutes🙋‍♀️

  11. So this is a joke…Right???
    LIFESTYLE channel is my LIFE… still a month to go on a licence so why the hell change it beforehand…
    9 times out of ten there’s nothing else worthy of watching on the idiot box…. some of us don’t have the luxury of downloading EXTRA apps to watch some shows…

  12. Could not pay me to watch sky news

    Not happy about 9 Life being away until August so no Tv in my house for a month.

  13. Thanks for the info and great it’s coming back. Loving the comments! I messaged 9Life asking wth…no reply so didn’t know what was going on 9Life was my insomnia saviour, daily leave on, mostly all I watch. Like many commenting, don’t watch sports, kids shows, “reality” rubbish (mostly🤭) and the number of shopping channels are beyond ridiculous. ABC winning with me this month…or the…(ready for it)…radio!! Lol

  14. Yes what happened to 9life my favourite channel. Thanks for the heads up on the change. Not happy Jan. Especially when covid dictates what you can do in the day.
    A dumb move.

  15. Thank you channel 9 for the heads up on what’s happening with the life channel. It is the main channel for me to watch and looks like there are heaps of people who are the same. I think it is a bit rude of you. Swapping round the channels without warning is another sign of arrogance . Shame on you.

  16. I cant beleive i cant watch my favorite channel 9 Life I enjoy it very much Why no warning

  17. Well you have taken of the only chanel i watch. AS for the ten chanels when you only show [email protected]#k shit programs no one will watch them no matter how far up or down the chanel list they are .

  18. Why not offer the same stations in the regional areas as what’s in the city areas? Many people in the regions love their cars and car racing but there’s no nine rush chanel without resorting to streaming. Why?

  19. Nine life was the best channel and also as with many others have no bandwidth to get 9 NOW! Also tried retuning the TV’s before googling to find this explanation. Hopefully no issues when it comes back such as change of aerial I saw in one comment????

  20. Why is there no Reno shows till 1st of August, this sux,,,hello Netflix and goodbye ch 9. You’ve lost me. No warning at all. What a joke ch 9.

  21. This is the channel I go to when there isn’t anything decent to watch, a month without it, seriously there is only so much cleaning you can do!! LOL

  22. Not happy about this decision at all. Firstly, you have taken my favorite show Fixer Upper away from catch up Tv, now you have taken away the whole channel. Thankfully only for one month. Please don’t do it again!
    K Harrowfield

  23. Typical of big business, decisions made without any regards for the end user, who, at the end of the day, pays the bills by responding to the advertising – total and complete ARROGANCE. Nine channels now deleted from my remote!!!!

  24. Appreciate you have provided the info tvblackbox- who ever you are.
    With all the advertising we have to watch, why none to advertise this change? What kind of customer service is that? I remember there was quite the lead up when WIN lost nine a few years back.
    Echo the comments of everyone else about 9Life. It’s that or ABC for us.

  25. Thank you for the explanation regarding the extraordinary withdrawal of Nine Life – our favourite television channel outside of ABC – horrified that such excellent entertainment channel has been unilaterally removed without prior explanation.
    We are devastated and await 1st August – not remotely interested in right-wing SKY News.

  26. Absolutely pissed off!!! I live in the middle of the Bush. I only have a few channels l can get.. and most are full of bloody interference now… no pay tv for me, either. Damn all the decision makers to Hell!

  27. So many of the existing stations are showing the same programs. Surely on of them could have been changed to show 9Life?
    There might be 30stations but there are only 5 or 6 actual channels showing different programming.
    As I scroll through it’s just same show after same show over and over and mostly old crap anyway.
    9Life is a good station, no crime, no violence (other than knocking out walls! lol), no covid, no nasty people, no swearing (except when someone hit their finger with the hammer!lol).
    Such a breath of fresh air is the 9LIFE CHANNEL!

  28. First they change everything around and this gave me the s$#@&ts and now they have changed again. WHY????? % 10 was 5 and 9 was 8 then changed and now back. Would like to ask the point in this? No wonder your ratings are crap . Lifestyle program gone too which really is another dumb thing they have done. who cares that it will be back in a month. why do in the first place. Need new top brass as the ones you have are nincompoops. I will stick with 7 or 6 which all these channels love to confuse regional from city. Makes no difference as have at times received all. Go figure????

  29. All you guys are just great love your reviews? Am so missing 9LIFE? Day and Night just go round and round the TV channels then change batteries in remote and go again. Do have The Tour to watch love it ? Then back to Tour Da TV? Ratings used to be where you could get them but they now don’t seem to care.They all need to wake up and the ones we Pay To Have are a joke. Now I’m getting Bitter! I don’t want to be bitter put 9LIFE back on or take up treating Your Viewers with manners And give warnings about Changes??love your review Nat, you just wonder don’t you?

  30. You have lost me channel 9 – only show I watched on free to air was 9life now I cannot even get it. Nothing else is worth watching at all – most of the time my television is turned off. Good one channel 9.

  31. I’m pissed thay have taken 9 life nothing much on other channels but crap so put it back on NOW 😡😡😡😡

  32. Right so Canberra, being the capital of Australia is regional is it. Was wondering why it dropped off a few months ago.

  33. Absolutely fuming about loss of 9life in Shoalhaven region. Will someone in authority please explain!?! Regional viewers are sick to death of being treated like 2nd class citizens. Up your game Nine or we’ll be happy to dump you. BTW, 40+’s are paying the bulk of bills with money to shop with your advertisers. Wake up! Kick the wingeing millenials to the kerb and treat the rest of us with respect. CT Mollymook

  34. Well. It’s back. Can’t say it’s the same. I am so sick of this (he said she said) absolute shit. And that jane de graff cooking segment. Please take them off.

  35. I understood Nine Life would be returning on 1st August, but there is no sign if it. Very disappointed. What is the situation. We are on Far South Coast of NSW. My daughter is confined to a wheelchair so watches a lot of TV and really enjoyed a lot of the home reno shows especiallly Home Town and Good Bones. Please explain.

  36. It’s after 1st August and I still can’t get 9Life. Bugger! I will try rescanning as the previous commenter suggests.

  37. Hi I live in Bundaberg and still can’t get 9Life.

    What is going on? I watch all my free to air through Foxtel/Austar

  38. Steve – We have Foxtel satellite IQ4 and have been told 9 life is not available via our satellite connection by Foxtel. Have you heard of this issue? Foxtel said to get an aerial.


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