What viewers need to know ahead of the big regional TV switchover


After a five-year absence, WIN Television is set to return as the home of Nine Network programming across much of regional Australia. As previously reported, the broadcaster has signed a 7-year affiliation agreement with Nine in a move WIN hopes will provide it a significant boost in the ratings.

At the same time, Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) will become the new regional home for 10 Network programming. Frustratingly, SCA is yet to officially finalise its new contract with 10 meaning the regional broadcaster is prevented from publicly discussing the upcoming changes.

The new affiliate agreement between SCA and 10 is expected to be signed in coming days. TV Blackbox understands SCA is set to deliver youth audience focussed multichannel 10 Shake into regional markets for the first time.

SCA is also set to become the new home of Sky News Regional (previously called Sky News on WIN)

Southern Cross Austereo Channels from July 1st

Channel NameChannel Number
Channel 105
Channel 10 HD50
10 Bold52
10 Peach53
10 Shake54
Sky Regional (Commences Aug 1st)56
Expected channel line-up for Victoria, Southern NSW and Queensland – Note: This data is yet to be confirmed by SCA

The changeover is set to occur at midnight during a Wimbledon broadcast meaning late-night viewers will find themselves needing to quickly switch channel to follow the tennis action.

As previously revealed by TV Blackbox, Nine’s channels will continue to carry the Nine branding in regional markets (Channel 9, 9Go, 9Gem etc.) WIN Television will however maintain some of its own branding in promos by utilising slogans such as, “Your watching Channel 9 on WIN Wagga”

Due to WIN’s existing agreement with Sky News, the lifestyle multichannel 9Life will not be available in regional markets during July. 9Life will return to regional screens however from August 1st.

The new affiliate agreement does not include the 9Rush multichannel which will continue to only be available in regional markets via streaming platform 9Now. The high-definition version of 9Gem will also continue to be unavailable in regional markets under the new deal.

Nine regional channels on WIN from July 1st

Channel NameChannel NumberFormat
Channel 98
Channel 9 HD80Mpeg4
9Life (Commences Aug 1st)83Mpeg4
This information includes Southern NSW & ACT, Griffith, Queensland, Victoria, Mildura, Tasmania, Mt Gambier & Riverland

The changeover will also see significant reduction in services for regional news viewers. As previously reported, WIN Television has made the decision to axe 9 local news bulletins across Victoria and Queensland.

In their place WIN intends to introduce three state-based bulletins at 5:30pm to serve Victoria, Queensland, and the western areas of Southern NSW.

WIN will also continue to produce local bulletins for Wollongong, Canberra and Tasmania which will also air at 5:30pm from July 1st.

The changes to the affiliate agreement from July 1 will also see Nine discontinue the three Nine News Local bulletins which it currently produces for Southern Cross Austereo stations in Victoria, Queensland, and Southern NSW.

SCA is yet to confirm if it will continue airing local news content on its regional TV stations; however TV Blackbox understands plans are in place to produce short headline news update packages from the broadcasters’ studios in Tasmania.

While the changeover should occur automatically for most viewers, WIN advises viewers in Griffith, Mildura, Mt Gambier, and Riverland that they may need to retune their older television equipment. WIN will provide more detailed information on their website closer to the switchover date.

Kevin Perry
Co-Creator and Editor of the TV Blackbox website, Kevin Perry is an experienced media commentator focused on TV Production, Consumer Tech, SVOD & Sports Broadcasting. Media enquiries please Call or Text 0428-275-111


  1. “9Life will not be available in regional markets during July. 9Life will return to regional screens however from August 1st.” this same type of change happened 4 or 5 years ago, similar thing stated then but 9Life disappeared for about 2 years instead of the month or two they said last time

      • I LOATHE that I’m not going to have Life channel for a month… if it disappears more then that, I’ll turn to utube for docos etc… I can’t stand watching movies or tv series anymore… Older I get, less enthusiastic I am with other channels. Sbs, Abc for docos and LIFE for house hunting and renos and building houses and design. I get bored rapidly with everything else. Everything else on tv atm is just JUNK.

        I know that I can use my chromecast to view 9life LIVE and catchup… I’m using it now at this time of posting this.

  2. Hope 9 life is back soon it’s the only thing I love watching very disappointing they’ve taken it off even temporarily

  3. Bring back 54 life style now I love watching this channel because the other channels have crap shows I’m sick of murder shows sports why don’t they have a channel for sports horseracing football cricket Olympics and The Simpsons and those crappy shows should also have there own channel

  4. It is the same here where I am and it is total bullshit……they take off a good channel and replace it with a crap one

  5. Totally unfair! 9Life is our favourite channel, & watched every day. Pretty crummy way to discriminate against country people.

  6. How bad is it that you have taken 54 life from our screens, it’s one channel I enjoy watching. You have The Middle and other crap re-runs. Please consider putting 54 life back on

  7. This morning see kids crap on , thought ok kids holidays , then tonight looking forward to all the shows 9Life, like seriously why couldn’t you rack off other shit leave the only good shows on TV .only thing that gets us by cause of this hell Covid we are living. So unfair

  8. 9life channel is the only channel my husband and I watch. Love house hunters and house hunters international can’t wait till the channel is back on

  9. Was so annoyed they changed 54 to some stupid cartoon channel and now have to wait a month for the life channel to return miss my home Reno shows this sucks

  10. Why is peach and those channels still not coming into regional Vic, if something’s not broken why the hell fix it.

  11. Channel 54 dumped me. “It’s not you, it’s me”, or “I just think we should have a break”. Still, I’m dumped and pretty sure it will be a long time before we get together again. Never listen or believe their promises.

  12. Cant get 10 Bold anymore has that gone too from qld? Its all pixelating and audio popping i used to have 39 DTV channels now only 31, and most are reality tv i HATE most reality tv except 9 life.

  13. I miss my 9 life channel. The best channel out. Why not get rid of crap reality channels.

  14. what is it with people these days every time thay say there fixing something or improving it thay completley stuff it up and make it worse piss people off stuff people around im sick of it you have left nothing but shit on the tv got completley rid of anything woth waching ya couldnt have stuffed it up any moore if you tryed hope ya all proud as if peole wernt haveing enofe shit with lockdown youve gota make that worse. realy

  15. Just wondering when Sky News and programs on Channel 84 will be returning? Also Channel 9 (Millionairre)? These are shows that I really enjoy and miss being able to view. I have tried several times to scan channels but no luck. I’ve lost all 80’s channels.


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