Monday Ratings | HAVE YOU BEEN PAYING ATTENTION? wins the night again

If HYBPA can do it, why does little else work after 8:30pm?

A massive A Current Affair (763,000) delivers on its sizzle for Nine, however Australian Ninja Warrior (624,000) dips significantly – down over 150k from night one to two. Emergency (313,000) does reasonable business (down from last week) and then the split state footy analysis shows 100% Footy (53,000) and Footy Classified (96,000) don’t offer any late night competition. Just as well ACA went large.
Nine first in both primary (20.3%) and network (28%) rankings.

Seven goes bigger than it has in some time with Home & Away (647,000) but still can’t buy a win, and Big Brother Australia (613,000) is relegated to third in the slot. It’s only the US dramas 9-1-1: Lone Star (275,000) and S.W.A.T. (176,000) that keep a better-than-the-others-but-still-meagre audience that helps their primary share.
Seven second in both primary (19%) and network (27%) rankings.

The Project (301,000 6:30pm; 476,000 7pm) down week-on-week and not lighting any fires, though MasterChef Australia (631,000) does deliver the 7:30pm timeslot win. Have You Been Paying Attention? (727,000) lifts more than its fair share of the weight as the highest rating entertainment program AND delivering its highest numbers of the season. The later night repeat of How To Stay Married (248,000) and Just For Laughs (113,000) don’t help 10’s case at all.
10 third in both primary (14.6%) and network (21.8%) rankings.


ABC’s night starts strong with 7:30 (672,000), then falls off significantly with Australia Talks (454,000) which in turn affects Media Watch (398,000). Murder 24/7 (161,000) down over 100k on last week’s bumper figures.
ABC fourth in both primary (12.5%) and network (16.4%) rankings.

A slow night for SBS, starting with a repeat of Secrets of the Tower of London (150,000), followed by a double doco run of Serena vs the Umpire (98,000) and Lance (85,000).
SBS fifth in both primary (4%) and network (6.8%) rankings.

16-39: Have You Been Paying Attention? (203,000) leads the pack, followed by Big Brother, MasterChef Australia, Seven News 6pm, and Nine News 6pm.

18-49: Have You Been Paying Attention? (348,000) takes the win, beating out Big Brother, Nine News 6pm/6:30pm, and MasterChef Australia.

25-54: Have You Been Paying Attention? (389,000) completes the demo trilogy win, leading Nine News 6:30pm/6pm, Big Brother, and Seven News 6pm.

Doc Martin (181,000) on 7TWO takes out the multi-channel win, ahead of a tranche of repeats of NCIS on 10 Bold.

Sunrise (256,000)
The Today Show (209,000)
ABC Breakfast (,000 (107,000 ABC; 69,000 ABC News))

All figures Five City Metro (5CM); overnights only.

Top 20 Overnight Metro

Top 20 Multi-Channel Shows

Overnight Network Share

Top 20 Foxtel Shows

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  1. Apparently the most popular PM, John Howard was invited on Australia Talks for a friendly chat. ‘Friendly’ wasn’t exactly how it turned out. The ferocious attack-dog hosts were questioning him very aggressively as if he was the current PM. Where did that come from? It is common knowledge that there is no love lost between the ABC and the current government but to treat Howard that way was out of line.


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