Andy Lee jumps from 10 to Nine for new gameshow


Full trailer released for QUEER AS FOLK on Stan

Set in New Orleans, one of the most unique queer communities in North America, Queer As Folk is a reimagining of the ground breaking British series created by Russell T. Davies. 
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The comedian is launching a new show on a new network.

With Andy Lee moving to Channel 9, it appears THE CUBE has been axed (image – 10)

*This post has been updated with new information

Comedian Andy Lee is launching a new game show, this time on Channel 9. It comes after his first foray into the genre failed to find a significant audience.

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After a promising start with 567,000 viewers in the 5 cap cities, The Cube on 10 ended up around the 300k mark.

Now Andy has announced his new game show The Hundred will be launching on Channel 9 later this year.

While it could be assumed The Cube has been axed by Channel 10 due to Andy moving to Nine, sources tell TV Blackbox that is not the case and the network has said another season will be produced next year.

TV Blackbox has approached 10 for clarification.

Sources also say the two shows are very different with The Hundred more of a comedy panel show rather than a game show, meaning there is no conflict for Andy working on both shows.

Andy moving to Nine will put him on the same channel as his radio and podcast partner Hamish Blake, who is the host of Lego Masters.

While Nine is yet to make an official announcement about its new game show, Lee has spoken about the format in an interview with the SMH (which is owned by Nine), saying:

“We started off with just kind of a stats-based show, and we turned it into a comedy panel show. A chance to make light of data and stats and what Australia is doing and feeling, whether it’s a topic of the week that’s kind of gripped the nation and we can find out what Australia really thinks of it, or whether it’s just the way we perceive ourselves.”

100 Australians will be part of each episode, projected onto a 27-square metre screen. These people will share their thoughts on the stats brought up during the show and a panel of comedians will add their thoughts.

Production company Screentime is currently looking for Aussies to take part, you can apply by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]

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Robert McKnight
Robert McKnight
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