Special double-episode finale tonight for LOVE ON THE SPECTRUM


After his date at the Botanical Gardens, Mark has a tough conversation to face when he decides he can only see friendship in the future.

Determined to not give up, he puts himself back out there to meet someone new and is pleasantly surprised.

Jimmy and Sharnae are back for Season 2, as they prepare to jet off to Las Vegas. Jimmy’s passion for pool has inspired him to enter the BCA World Championships, and Sharnae has always wanted to visit America. The couple are excited for their first trip overseas.

Michael is anxious as he ‘meets the parents’ for the first time, but his fears are overcome when he finds common ground through interests in European culture.
Jayden has never dated before and seeks advice from a good friend as he considers what he is looking for in a relationship.

Jayden likes things at home to be in perfect order and admits that the outside world can often feel chaotic. Despite the fact that dating is highly unpredictable, he is excited to put himself out there.

After two successful dates, Ronan is keen to make his wishes come true, and seeks advice from Jodi Rodgers. On a third date he has a big question to ask but wants to wait until the time is right.

Love on the Spectrum continues to tell the stories of people on the autism spectrum as they navigate the world of dating and relationships. With a few familiar faces, and some delightful new ones, this new season represents an even wider range of people and personalities, showing just how diverse the autism spectrum really is.

Production credits: Produced by Northern Pictures (Employable Me, Magical Land of Oz, Changing Minds). Principal production investment from the ABC, in association with Screen Australia.

Financed with support from Screen NSW. Supervising Producer and Series Director: Cian O’Clery, Series Producer: Jenni Wilks, Executive Producer: Karina Holden, ABC Manager of Documentaries Stephen Oliver, ABC Managing Editor Factual: Richard Huddleston and ABC Head of Factual & Culture: Jennifer Collins.

Love On The Spectrum – Special double-episode finale – Series 2, Episodes 4 & 5 airs Tuesday 8 June at 8.30pm on ABC and iview

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