SHANE DELIA brings the flavour to SBS Food with new series exploring the local heroes of Middle Eastern cuisine


Full flavours, aromatic spices and LOTS of share plates.

A Middle East Feast (image – SBS Food)

That’s what Middle Eastern cooking is all about and Shane Delia is back to show how us to bring the magic of this exotic yet unpretentious cuisine into our kitchens with his new series A Middle East Feast on SBS Food.

Over 10 episodes, award-winning chef Shane Delia will take viewers on a tantalising and flavourful journey through an array of Middle Eastern dishes. From Turkey to Oman, Israel to Lebanon, Shane will draw on different cultural influences to recreate the food traditions of the Middle East and delve into the stories behind these recipes soaked in history.

Each episode, the Maha chef and restauranteur will be joined in his studio kitchen by local bakers, cooks and café owners who will share their secrets for creating Middle Eastern favourites. Think juicy chicken shawarma, oozing knafeh, croquette-styled Kibbeh and sweet sticky pastries. The feeling of community and entertaining that Shane and his guests create with each dish emphasise that Middle Eastern food is just as much about bringing friends and family together as it is about gorgeous flavours.

As we’re yearning for exotic travel and experiences, A Middle East Feast with Shane Delia is your passport to a delicious journey filled with diverse cultural stories, friendly local faces and mouth-watering Middle Eastern flavours.

SBS Commissioning Editor for Food, Josh Martin, said: 

“Shane Delia is the maestro of Australia’s Middle Eastern food scene, bringing together flavours, people and stories in one big melting pot of pure deliciousness. This series delves into the heart and soul of Middle Eastern cooking, assembling local and humble heroes of this truly wonderfully diverse food landscape.

Shane Delia said: 

“I am beyond excited to be back in the SBS Food family, helping to shine a light on the vibrant and exciting world of Middle Eastern food culture here in Australia. I set out to create A Middle East Feast with the goal of helping Australians to open their hearts and minds to the wonderful and diverse flavours of the Middle East, and to inspire people to incorporate these flavours into everyday life. This series brings together a line-up of amazingly talented cooks who each bring their passion and unique skills to the kitchen, in the hope that we can ignite a curiosity within the audience to explore new flavours and cultures through food.”

A Middle East Feast with Shane Delia premieres Thursday 24 June at 8.00pm on SBS Food. The series will also be available after broadcast on SBS On Demand.




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