ABC set to require Login Passwords for all users on iview streaming platform


In a move that likely to anger and frustrate some viewers, the ABC has confirmed it will soon require all users of its iview streaming platform to create login passwords to access the service.

While the ABC has been pushing users towards setting up user profiles for the past 12 months, this latest policy change will make a login password compulsory for all users.

Under the new login process, users will be asked to submit their First Name, Email Address, Year of Birth, Postcode and Gender before being allowed to watch video content.

Users will have the option of using a pseudonym instead of submitting their first name and can also select “prefer not to say” for the gender option. Users will also have the option of creating a “sub-account” for young viewers

In a blog post published last night on the ABC website, the broadcaster indicated it is implementing this policy to provide a better experience for viewers and to better compete for viewer attention in the increasingly competitive streaming market.

Smart TV iview app (image – ABC)

The audience data will be used to allow viewers to easily resume viewing their favourite programs on different devices. The data will also allow the ABC to use artificial intelligence to provide customised viewer recommendations of content that might otherwise be hard to discover on the platform

While the ABC has stressed it is not collecting user information for advertising purposes on its own platforms, the government broadcast has admitted that users’ personal information could be shared with third-party tech platforms, including Google and Facebook, unless users expressly request the ABC keep their personal data private.

The ABC regularly pays to promote its content via Google and Facebook ads, and the sharing of this data could be used to better target these marketing campaigns.

Explaining the new policy, the ABC’s Head of Digital product Joel Brydon said:

“Providing suburb or postcode doesn’t mean users will only get content relevant to their area; year of birth will allow the ABC to better protect those under 15 years from inappropriate content, and the gender question ensures a better understanding of the composition of ABC audiences,”

While the ABC is the last of Australia’s streaming catchup platforms to implement a login process, it is also the only platform that is not supported by advertising content.

Kevin Perry
Co-Creator and Editor of the TV Blackbox website, Kevin Perry is an experienced media commentator focused on TV Production, Consumer Tech, SVOD & Sports Broadcasting. Media enquiries please Call or Text 0428-275-111


  1. Not only do I resent the move for “accounts” to be used in order to access Iview but certainly on my Smart TV I cannot follow the current set of instructions offered on the net. O.K so my Smart TV is a couple of years out of date but many of my older friends do not even possess that level of technology. Despite my resent I did set up an “account” (hate that expression) but nothing actually explains what this does other than to collect information no matter what we are told.
    Does this now suggest that anyone out of date is now forgotten or overlooked by the ABC? I have written to the ABC to look for help and await any response but imagine that like so many current aspects, even within the Government, if you are older or not tech-smart we will give you a miss

  2. I agree with David Hipperson, though I do have the technology. My complaint is with the instructions for joining : It says ” . . . go to the accounts section . . .” but on the website I was visiting there is no such button, or if so it is hidden in a crowd of others. Do webmasters ever check whether their creations can be used by a beginner???


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