RECAP | Wynona Davies eliminated from MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA after cool Cucumber misses the brief


On Sunday nights edition of Masterchef, it was all about meeting the brief, but Wynona missed the memo and her cucumber wasn’t cool enough to impress the judges.

It was another elimination day in the MasterChef kitchen and the contestants were presented with a creative challenge to develop a dish based on one of three classic food sayings; “as cool as a cucumber”, “bring home the bacon” or “the proof is in the pudding”.

Conor’s inventive black olive ice cream and cucumber granita impressed, as did Elise’s textbook perfect sticky date pudding. Brent’s Mexican pork dish excited the judges who were blown away by the many ways he made bacon work in the dish.
The judges craved Kishwar’s spicy bonito and Tom’s dessert was applauded for featuring the stand-out granita of the day.

Tommy’s bún chả was a total hit and the judges told him it tasted like home. The highest praise of the day was reserved for Pete and his choko and cucumber dumplings. Jock declared it one of the best dishes he had eaten all season.

At the bottom of the pack was Eric’s gluggy carbonara, Jess’ smoked fish with cucumber and ginger broth and Dan’s muddy fish broth.

But it was Wynona’s dish that landed furthest from the mark, as it was not refreshing, and it was clear that the cucumber granita was an afterthought. The challenge was to meet the brief and Wynona’s inability to showcase “as cool as a cucumber” on the plate sent her home from the MasterChef kitchen.

Part of a big, blended family with a sister and two stepbrothers, Wynona Davies grew up in Victoria, but having made the move to Sydney seven years ago, it’s the Northern Beaches she now calls home.

A study of perseverance, Wynona applied to be part of MasterChef Australia two years ago and while unsuccessful, it has been part of the road which has led her back here. Since then she has gained the confidence to start her own food blog and is continually striving to be a better cook.

After high school, Wynona spent three years living in London and travelling in Europe, figuring three gap years were better than one. With many food experiences chalked up along the way, Wynona’s palate grew during this time and she has great memories of cooking with friends in France.

Returning home, Wynona worked in PR and marketing for five years but always yearned to make her passion for food part of her daily life. Wynona courageously left her job to follow her food dream full time, creating grazing boards and expanding her blog.

Unfortunately, the global pandemic negatively impacted Wynona’s career shift but she vowed to make the most of the situation and took the opportunity to apply for MasterChef Australia again.

Inspired by some of the industry’s biggest names, Wynona looks up to Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and Ina Garten. Having always eaten and cooked a variety of cuisines, Wynona hopes this will play to her favour in the competition.

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