AUSSIE SALVAGE SQUAD returns with new season full of the toughest salvage jobs yet


The Western Australia-based series expands into the Northern Territory, including Arnhem Land  

Aussie Salvage Squad returns to Discovery with more high-risk and challenging recovery missions in its toughest season yet.

Launching this May, new experts join the Western Australia-based salvage team and for the first time, filming expands into the Northern Territory, including Arnhem Land.

The series follows the often dangerous salvage missions conducted by the team from Geographe Marine Salvage (GMS), led by Luke Purdy.

From recoveries at sea and in dense forest, to desert and suburban settings, the teams battle extreme conditions, high-risk scenarios and time-critical decisions.

Season 3 sees the introduction of land-based recovery experts from Perth, Shaun Barrett and Sarah McKenna (and their dog, Turbo), while rookie recruit, Vinnie Faranda joins Luke’s veteran team alongside Jacinta Burns.

The extra help is needed as they face the toughest expedition of their careers, heading deep into the vast wilderness of Arnhem Land, where they tackle a series of epic recovery challenges near the outpost town of Gove, that test their skills and endurance to the limit.

At the end of last year, Luke’s partner Jayde Towers gave birth to their first child, Navy; raising the personal stakes for Luke when it comes to salvage operations. On a mission to secure big money contracts, he and the team set out on a bold adventure into Arnhem Land.

Here, the terrain is treacherous with a deadly array of wildlife and the financial jeopardy is off the scales. Their first job is to recover a 44-foot steel hull yacht. With a huge storm closing in and a short window between incoming tides, they’ll need to throw everything at this to get the job done on time and to their $20,000 fixed-price budget.

Other salvage missions this season including removing a 33-foot derelict and rotting yacht trapped in a sacred fishing hole in Nhulunbuy, NT but the water is infested with crocodiles and deadly jellyfish; rescuing two 50-tonne excavators bogged on a flooded unsealed road crossing in Arnhem Land which turns into quick sand; salvaging a toxic 4WD trapped at the bottom of a dangerous ravine on just a $1,000 budget and three-hour deadline; hauling two monster-sized machines out of a deadly mud pit at a remote construction site, and more.

To help complete the jobs, the Aussie Salvage Squad teams have some arsenal up their sleeves: heavy duty machines, powerful winches and other salvage equipment. Luke’s latest weapon is a six-wheel drive amphibious vehicle called Arnold. Literally a boat on wheels, Arnold can go anywhere – manoeuvring through swamps or deserts, carrying 250kg of equipment and never getting bogged.

Meanwhile Shaun and Sarah come equipped with twin 7-ton, ex-army Mercedes trucks. Worth $150,000, they have been modified to work in punishing terrain, where even the most sure footed of 4WDs dare to tread.

With some of the toughest, most dangerous and hardcore salvage missions ever, Season 3 of Aussie Salvage Squad takes it to a new level.

Aussie Salvage Squad is produced by Fredbird Entertainment for Discovery.

Aussie Salvage Squad Season 3 – Stream or watch Wednesdays from 19 May at 8:30pm on Discovery Channel

Available on Foxtel & Fetch




  1. Has to be the worse show I’ve almost watched.. Talk about fake people, why are they so ashamed t being Australian? Have to copy America…. All rather pathetic…

    • Awesome show. Love watching it! Who’s fake and ashamed? No idea what you’re talking about.

  2. Does anyone know what happened top the previous crew? I know Jayde Towers left to have a baby and she started a new job in an office. But her cousin and the other guy with curly hair, and the lady in the office have all gone???

    • Luke and Jacinta (the lady in the office) and Ellie’s brother Vinnie are working in the NT this season. Jayde has gone with them but is looking after their (hers and Luke’s) baby and not working on the job. Ellie and Dan have remained in WA.

  3. I love the show i miss dan and the crew. i hope they are still around . Make sure you don’t stop filming the show. More with the othes thanks guys.

    • Dan and Ellie have remained in WA while Ellies brother Vinnie has joined the team in their NT adventure for this season.

  4. Aussie salvage squad series 3, brought to you by hd group, they appear in every episode in one way or another. Im pretty confident that they used a dozer in one episode that they “rescued” in another..

    Bring back Dan, Luke and Ellie…

  5. Love the show I can’t get enough of it love the team miss Dan please bring him back. Love you all keep up the shows please and give Christopher a cuddle for me 🥰

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