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Roz has her eye on an award in tonights season finale of FISK

Roz - Julia Zemiro (image - ABC)
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In this weeks finale episode, Roz announces that Gruber & Gruber has been nominated for a Small Business Award at the local council awards night.

The judging is done by a ‘mystery judge’ who could come at any time’, so she instructs everyone to be on their best behaviour and has a quiet word to Helen about her ubiquitous brown suit.

Helen meets with Petro (Alex Papps), a man who is convinced he is the illegitimate son of a recently deceased newsreader. Helen and George try to put on their best faces for every client, including Blayden Tork (Ed Kavalee) who comes in to consult with Helen about his will.

A scuffle in reception has Helen and George worried they’ve blown their chances of winning an award. Roz puts her best face (and dress and hairdo) forward at the awards night anyway, determined to enjoy the evening.

Cast: Kitty Flanagan, Julia Zemiro, Marty Sheargold, Aaron Chen, John Gaden & Glenn Butcher.

Guest cast: Debra Lawrance, George Henare, Alex Papps, Richard Pyros, Ed Kavalee, Georgina Naidu, Ian Rooney and Glenn Ridge.

Production credits: A Porchlight Films production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Fisk episode 6 airs Wednesday 21 April at 9.00pm on ABC

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