REVIEW | Big Brother 2021 is the gold standard in reality TV


The new series of Big Brother has evolved with better contestants, better challenges and a lot of heart

For a show with so much history, it’s easy to hark for the old days of what made Big Brother so great. But Big Brother has evolved and this year it has really found its feet.

Danny and Nick are the oddest pairing in the Big Brother House, but it works! (image – NIGEL WRIGHT)

While last years evolution divided viewers there’s no doubt the 2021 version will find a new generation of fans. Seven and Endemol Shine have worked out the kinks and brought back the heart of what makes this show so great – characters and conversations.

The challenges this year are some of the best you will see on television but its the cast that make this stand-out television for me.

Despite promises over the years of diversity in terms of race and ages, this year we actually have it — and it works! The housemates haven’t been chosen to tick boxes though, you can see why the producers have picked each and every one of them.

You will find yourself cheering on one housemate only to turn on them in the next episode — and vice versa.

The two standouts of the season are Danny and Nick, two characters who could not be more opposite. Danny is the real estate agent who proclaims himself “king of the jungle” (wrong show mate) and Nick just looks on and laughs with nothing phasing him.

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But these two develop a genuine friendship and their differences pay off in hilarious ways. Danny is constantly frustrated by Nick’s lack of gameplay and Nick is confounded as to why Danny is so tightly wound up.

These two are the best pairing I’ve seen on TV in years – Big Brother has its own Laurel and Hardy!

There’s a real arrogance in Danny I haven’t liked in other contestants but for some reason Danny gets away with it. I don’t know if it’s because he also becomes the butt of many jokes or it’s the way he plays off Nick, but you actually want to see his scheming pay off.

Other characters are not going to make things so easy for these guys though. Along the way team Danny will be targetted by housemates with their own agendas and it’s this element that makes the show so compelling.

For me the challenges are just a means to an end and this year it does seem like less time is spent on them – and that’s a good thing. That leaves us plenty of time for character development and the eviction scramble. It’s the perfect balance in making me care about which characters come and go.

The show is so good it’s actually made me want to apply to be a contestant, even though I would be terrible at the challenges and voted out first (but wouldn’t Endemol Shine love the power to torture me for all those leaks over the years lol).

At the time of writing I have seen the first 5 episodes and can honestly say I’m addicted! This season has drama, backstabbing and plenty of heart.


At a time when we are spoiled for options, I can’t recommend this season of Big Brother enough.

SIX STARS (out of 5)

Big Brother premieres 7.30pm Monday on Seven

Robert McKnight
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  1. Big brother
    Please stop encouraging bullies like Katie. There are enough bullies in the world without you promoting this passive aggressive bully.
    After this unfair plotting you created last night I will no longer be watching any more episodes.
    Why would you deliberately plot to make one side get on top so they destroy others.
    Now it will just be payback for the rest of this show which I don’t choose to watch anymore.
    There is enough bad stuff going on in the world without you playing with people’s lives for kicks.
    So disappointing as I have never missed a Big Brother.


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