RECAP | The stars catch boogie fever, as JAMIE DURIE and RENEE BARGH are eliminated from DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL STARS


Tonight on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars, Manu Feildel, Luke Jacobz, Jamie Durie, Ada Nicodemou and Renee Bargh boogied their hearts out to secure a place in the Grand Finale. 

Renee Bargh DWTS:AS (image – Nigel Wright)

With the mirrorball trophy in their sights, it was an extraordinary night of dancing, with solo performances, a disco marathon, a dance-off and a double elimination. 

Luke Jacobz stole the night with his dynamic and intense paso doble, claiming the ultimate top score of 40. Judge Helen Richey announced he is “not an all-star, but a superstar”.  

Paul Mercurio told Renee Bargh that “rumba is the dance of love, and you look like you’re in love” after her emotionally charged routine, scoring a total of 34. 

Ada Nicodemou performed her best dance to date, as she was swept around the dance floor in a beautiful waltz, collecting a score 37. 

Jamie Durie improved on his previous performance, impressing judges with his tango and scoring 31. 

Charismatic Manu Feildel left nothing on the dance floor, captivating the audience with his fiery tango. Finding himself at the bottom of the leaderboard with just 29 points, Manu had to give his all in the disco dance marathon in a bid to stay in the competition. 

Our couples slipped into their bell bottoms and boogied their way through a disco marathon as Luke and Ada hustled to the top of the leaderboard securing their position in the Grand Finale.

The final scores tonight (including the disco marathon) were: 
– Luke Jacobz and Jorja Freeman – 50
– Ada Nicodemou and Aric Yegudkin – 46 
– Renee Bargh and Jarryd Byrne – 42
– Jamie Durie and Siobhan Power – 37
– Manu Feildel and Katrina Patchett – 36 

With a clean slate on the scoreboard our bottom three couples hit the floor for a final dance-off.  Based on that performance alone, after a judges deadlock, Manu was saved by Todd McKenney’s deciding vote, while Jamie and Renee departed the competition. 

On Sunday, Luke Jacobz, Bec Hewitt, Kyly Clarke, Ada Nicodemou and Manu Feildel will take to the floor as our Grand Finalists. 

Dancing With The Stars: All Stars is produced by Warner Bros International Television Production Australia and BBC Studios, from a format created by the BBC and distributed by BBC Studios. 

Dancing With The Stars: All Stars Grand Finale is on Sunday at 7.00pm on Channel 7 and 7plus



  1. I am just pleased that Schapelle Corby had a good go at dancing, I couldn’t do it, but, I too am pleased she is no longer there. I know she paid her dues, but channel 7 and other channels as well as magazines have portrayed to the young ones that you can become a star even if you do wrong by the law. Channel 7 , please look at what you are saying to our young people.

  2. I feel that Renee Bargh should be in the Finals as all her dances are really fantastic and exceptionally good, like a professional, compared to other finalist. Not sure what happened there, hope this is not about ratings that they let other talents go through. This should be a contest on who can dance best and not on popularity.

  3. I agree with Henri totally. Renee leaves the others for dead. If she’d been on Home and Away she’d have been a shoo-in. “Wildcards” are those who haven’t been on Home and Away and such. I will miss seeing Renee’s beautiful dancing in the finals.

  4. The show is just a blatant push for the network stars. Manu gets 29 and Renee gets 34 in their first dance, in the dance off when both look to dance exactly the same, amazingly Manu gets voted through.
    WHAT A JOKE, no intergrity. If channel 7 is going to have a show based on a competion, it should be legitimate and fair. Shame 7, I wont be watching again.

  5. And I guess the stunning Kyly dancing will get voted out too as she’s not a soapie. Maybe she could show her fangs in a grimace line the manu and get the todd’s vote.

  6. It must be very disheartening for the real dancers, putting in so much effort and creating such beauty, to listen to the stuff from the mouthpieces.

  7. What a joke!!! I just don’t get it! This is a DANCING CONTEST (not a comedy or a cooking competition), right?! How come Manu gets to be in the finals instead of Renee?


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