Meet the cast of LEGO MASTERS AUSTRALIA in 2021


LEGO Masters reached new heights last year to become the highest-rated entertainment program of 2020.

Hamish Blake and Ryan (Brickman) McNaught (mage - Nine)
Hamish Blake and Ryan (Brickman) McNaught (mage – Nine)

Now the show is back for Season 3, with even bigger, better and more exciting challenges to test Australia’s best LEGO builders.

Hamish Blake has returned as host with LEGO certified professional Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught reprising his role as judge. They will oversee eight new teams of contestants including best friends, a young couple and a pair of cool mums.

These duos will tackle a challenge each episode in the hopes of winning $100,000 in prize money. To save themselves from elimination and try to make it to the Grand Final, the contestants will make stunning creations from the 3.2 million pieces in the Brick Pit.

The teams competing in Season 3 are:

Amy and Dawei

Amy and Dawei (image - Nine)
Amy and Dawei (image – Nine)

Age: Amy is 33 and Dawei is 34
From: Victoria

With a love of the weird and wacky, Dawei, an auditor, is no stranger to pushing his mind to the limit and confident that LEGO Masters is the perfect place to bring his childhood passion to fruition.

He met 33-year-old content creator Amy online at the end of 2019 and together they have created YouTube channel ‘Foxy Bloxie’, where they review LEGO together.

Dawei’s dream build is reminiscent of the early 1990s space themes: a space station base with starships and vehicles influenced by Star Trek .

Amy’s dream build would be quite different: a replica of the succulents in her garden, 400 of them! She would include all the intricate details and colours of each plant, hundreds meticulously planted in pots.

Anthony and Jess

Anthony and Jess (image - Nine)
Anthony and Jess (image – Nine)

Age: Anthony is 20 and Jess is 30
From: Queensland

Hotel concierge Anthony and science communicator Jess plan to combine their skills to make LEGO sculptures unlike anything you’ve ever seen. They will be creating builds that showcase their love of playing with textures, and using different bricks in weird and wonderful ways.

Anthony is often motivated by his favourite movies for his builds, and says that his dream build is a gigantic mosaic of the Walt Disney Studios logo. Disney holds a special place in his heart, and this would be his way of thanking Disney for bringing so much joy to him and his family.

Jess’s dream build would be a giant science centre with every room displayed as a different science concept. There would be functional moving parts and people excitedly exploring various activities, all contained within a big, fun and unique shape featuring science concepts that are visually enticing for the viewer to understand.

Atlanta and Jeff

Atlanta and Jeff (image - Nine)
Atlanta and Jeff (image – Nine)

Age: Atlanta is 26 and Jeff is 28
From: South Australia

Atlanta and Jeff met a Supanova convention in Sydney. They love to create together, whether it be through art, board games, video games or LEGO. They spend hours upon hours building, and although they have different visions of how their builds should go, they always turn out perfectly because of the way these two work together.

Jeff’s dream build would be a Dungeons and Dragons world where he creates a series of floating islands chained together, floating around “a magical singularity”. Each island would then be built out around technic frames in medieval fantasy style on a Minifig scale.

Atlanta’s dream build is a topographic map of Middle Earth from Lord Of The Rings . She would build all the hobbit holes and farms in Hobbiton, including dwarf mines, huge snow-capped mountains and a lit-up Mount Doom.

David and Gus

David and Gus (image - Nine)
David and Gus (image – Nine)

Age: David is 41 and Gus is 36
From: Victoria

David and Gus are ready to show Australia their great love of LEGO and excited to transform bricks into any creation they can dream up.

Project manager David says confidently that when he is building with LEGO he can focus solely on the bricks, giving him the ability to produce an unlimited array of transformations.

Gus, an engineer, applied for LEGO Masters because he knew it was the perfect opportunity to challenge his creativity, as he loves to draw and sculpt but needed another outlet to bring his passions to life.

Sarah and Fleur

Sarah and Fleur (image - Nine)
Sarah and Fleur (image – Nine)

Age: Sarah is 47 and Fleur is 43

From: Victoria

Sarah and Fleur are two mums both confident that they have what it takes to win LEGO Masters . Larger-than-life Sarah has been building with LEGO her entire life and says she loves it so much because it makes her feel creative and relaxed.

Fleur, on the other hand, has had a 32-year “dark age” — since childhood in fact — but knows that this extraordinarily long time-out will be no disadvantage to her in the competition.

Sarah and Fleur are ready to show Australia just how creative they are, which should be easy considering that between them they dedicate 20 hours a week to letting their imaginations take control and seeing what they can create. Sarah estimates that she owns around 50,000 LEGO pieces and Fleur has around 110,000, meaning that the Brick Pit will definitely excite, not daunt them.

Michael and Harrison

Michael and Harrison (image - Nine)
Michael and Harrison (image – Nine)

Age: Michael is 25 and Harrison is 26

Harrison and Michael have known each other since they were teenagers at the same high school in Canberra, but it wasn’t until years later when they played on the same university touch footy team that they realised they shared a passion for LEGO.

Harrison is ready to bring his problem-solving skills to their LEGO builds, and although he lacks some creativity is confident that Michael’s quirkiness and work ethic will lead them to success.

Michael’s dream build would be a giant Mount Olympus with Zeus coming out of the Pantheon on top, holding a lightning bolt and pointing it down the mountain. Harrison’s dream build would be a time-lapse, Minifig-scale Colosseum, set amid a landscape of rolling hills and a farm with crops and animals.

Owen and Scott

Owen and Scott (image - Nine)
Owen and Scott (image – Nine)

Age: Owen is 26 and Scott is 26
From: Western Australia

Best friends since high school, Owen and Scott will bring their love of LEGO to the creation of whole towns, scenarios and worlds out of nothing. Although these two have very different minds on a creative level, they complement each other perfectly as Scott looks at the bigger picture while Owen is detail-oriented.

Owen’s dream build is a sprawling city at the foot of a dense and hilly forest. It would dominate the space of three standard tables, with one-third dedicated to the hills and the trees and the remainder covered by a city filled with unique, diversely shaped buildings. Beyond the forest canopy a mountain peak would rise, with a cave overlooking the city.

The banter and healthy competition between these two will be hard to match as they create scenes and places that look magical, on a vast scale.

Ryan and Gabby

Ryan and Gabby (image - Nine)
Ryan and Gabby (image – Nine)

Age: Ryan is 42 and Gabby is 39
From: Victoria

Primary school teacher Ryan and occupational therapist Gabby may have different LEGO backgrounds but are keen to meld their love of the bricks by putting put their imaginations and skills to the biggest test on LEGO Masters .

With a nod to his musical roots, Ryan’s dream build would be a full-sized rock band complete with instruments. He’d want the whole thing to look completely realistic, and the band able to move.

Gabby’s dream build is inspired by Irish mythology. She would make an intricate scene featuring a lonely lighthouse and its keeper, surrounded by a rolling, angry ocean. The entire panorama would depict the different stages of a love story between the lighthouse keeper and a selkie (a seal maiden) and the final scene would see the selkie putting her seal skin back on and heading to the ocean.

LEGO Masters Season 3 premieres Monday, April 19 at 7.30pm on Nine and 9Now.

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