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AIRDATE | Enjoy a smash-up derby in Missouri with AMERICAN WRECKERS

AMERICAN WRECKERS (image - Foxtel)
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Welcome to Belle, Missouri, the Holy Mecca of the car world’s oldest and most brutal sport: Demolition Derby.

Here, a fuel-injected vendetta rages between the two oldest and most legendary teams in the history of the sport: The world-champion Belle Boys, and their sworn enemies The Outsiders.

These Derby cars are not run-of-the-mill vehicles off the street – they have been sourced, modified, and built specifically for strength and destruction.

These savvy and resourceful competitors are constantly on the lookout for better rides and check junkyards, salvage auctions, barns, and anywhere else a diamond in the rough could be hidden.

With mere days between events, these trash-talking gearheads must race against the clock to assess the damage to their cars, barter, trade, and source impossible-to-find parts, get creative to repair their rides, and finally take their chariots to the test track to make sure the battle continues.

AMERICAN WRECKERS – Season 1 – Australian Premiere Saturday April 17 at 4.30pm on A&E or watch On Demand

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