While You Were Sleeping – Tonight on INSIGHT


What unusual things do people do in their sleep, and why is so little known about it?

This week, Insight chats to those who experience this bizarre phenomenon.

Is it just stress or anxiety manifesting? Or something else completely?

Insight continues to be Australia’s leading forum for powerful first-person stories and debate.

Journalist Kumi Taguchi hosts the program and explore a wide range of topics this season including adult ADHD, favourite children, and class actions – among many others.

Insight continues Tuesday, 13 April at 8.30pm on SBS

Kevin Perry
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  1. Firstly thank you so much for screening and putting together such a vast and informative affairs show. I especially was looking forward too viewing your show lastnight focusing on causes of sleep dis-orders. Listen too the entire show and all the studio audience and as much as my heart went out too all their experiences and on-going daily lives I was a little upset the show didnt focus more on PTSD and those who live with trauma and try and deal with it. Hoped a segment would talk about the issues that I live with and many others. Briefly I was leading a normal life ( 40+yrs old-fulltime job of many years ) when got that phone call/knock on the door telling me my daughter and only child had been killed. She was only 20yrs old and within a few hours was seeing her off too work and next was identifying her body in the morgue. Then had too leave work cause of my PTSD and am now on a dis-ability pension and take about 20 prescribed drugs each day. Have done the studies/seen 8 counsellers over the years and have nightmares everynight all about that horrible day when my life changed in an instant. But hearing a person talking about holding their childs remains might make your show difficult. Once again wonderful show.


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