Nine moves #MAFS and bumps TRAVEL GUIDES as Channel 10 shifts MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA to an earlier premiere date


It’s all fun and games in programming land as Nine and Channel 10 make fast moves to their schedules in a desperate attempt to gain advantage over the competition.

Stick with me folks because this is getting complicated.

Lego Masters (image – Nine)

In an effort to get Lego Masters Australia to air a week earlier than previously expected, Nine surprised the market by announcing a Monday, April 19 premiere date for the popular family series.

This move sparked an immediate response from the 10 Network, which previously had promoted a Tuesday, April 20 premiere date for its flagship cooking program Masterchef Australia. 10 had been delaying the series believing they were avoiding a battle with the finale of Married at First Sight.

Masterchef Australia is now set to premiere on Monday, April 19 in a move that will see it go head-to-head with the launch of Lego Masters on Nine and episode 5 of Dancing with the Stars on Seven

Are you keeping up so far?

The Fren family return for more hijinks on TRAVEL GUIDES (image – Nine)

All these changes will see the two-part reunion finale of Married at First Sight air earlier than previously expected. Episode one will now screen this week on Wednesday, April 14. The conclusion of the reality juggernaut will now air this Sunday, April 18 at 7pm.

But wait, there are more changes…

The movement of #MAFS means Nine has now cancelled plans to return popular adventure program Travel Guides this week. The series, which has already been sitting on the shelf since it was filmed in 2019 has been pushed back, with Nine advising it will now premiere 7:30pm Wed 28 April.

Meanwhile at Seven the network appears happy to stick with its current programming strategy of airing DWTS until Big Brother premieres on Monday, April 26

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  1. Why oh why are you cancelling Travel Guides….best show.on tv .to put stupid Master Chef ….I certainly want be watching ….bring back Travel Guides …please !.

  2. None are any good so sick of the same old shows or repeats of the same show always same season a 10 year would do better!!!

  3. OK it is about time that these channels were held accountable for false advertising of programmes. They have no respect for their customers (viewers) and there should be some action from the Consumer Watchdog. Fines should be imposed for failing to meet advertised times and programmes. What do the advertisers think when they pay for a slot in a schedule and Ch 9 just decides to change their mind. Do they think we are stupid!
    Won’t be watching Ch 9 at all in future, and only stations will be ABC and SBS. In particular Ch 9 should have their licence revoked. Come on Australia, make a noise or they will keep doing it to us!

  4. Angry that Travel Guides was bumped because of MAFS. Had no idea it was showing on 9 NOW until I Googled the show just now. Saw no advertising that TG was also showing on 9NOW, I could have recorded and watched it today. Really angry MAFS is a joke and getting worse each year.

  5. Travel Guides is the best show on TV. Love the characters, they are so diverse but all are hilarious. To think you could bump it for tired, boring Master Chef, unreal, listen to your critics Ch 9!!!

  6. Love travel guides. It’s great to have a laugh. Who cares about the bitching, snide affairs on MAFS. If I’d known it was showing I too could have watched or recorded it. Dumb move channel nine. Again!!

  7. You have right to change your programs but should advise occordingly

    the first travel guides was on your televison programing, people recorded believing it was travel guides then a stupid cooking show is recorded

    it is your responsibility to correct your programing before just changing it

    I live a Retirement Village where 250 people set the recorders for travel guides they were not happy

    Is your advertisers happy that you change programs

    When the show is televised everyone in my village is going to contact the advisers and express their disappointment with channel 9

    Please try and get your act together


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