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Norwegian crime drama OUTLIER arrives at SBS On Demand

Outlier (image - SBS)
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Teenager Elle Jannok (Eila Ballovara Varsi) walks home from a party in Kautokeino when she discovers a mobile phone lying on the side of the road, ringing.

The voice on the other end of the line asks for Sofie (Ingá Ánne Márjá Bongo), before the connection cuts out. A few days later, in a village several hours away, the police make the grim discovery of the body of nineteen-year-old Sofie in a caravan.

In London, Maja Angell (Hanne Mathisen Haga) is researching serial killers for her dissertation when she hears about the murder case from her home county. She defies all advice, leaves the university in London and travels north with a message for the local police – you have charged the wrong guy for the murder.

Maja is met with opposition from the police who are proud to have solved the case,
but eventually their doubt begins to show. Slowly but surely, Maja becomes involved in the investigation, and it´s soon apparent that she was right all along.

All too late, Maja comes to understand that the answer lies dangerously close to herself – that the killer is part of her very immediate circle.

In Norwegian with English subtitles.

Outlier Australian Premiere Friday, 2 April 2021 on SBS On Demand (all eight episodes available to stream)

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  1. Why oh why must we put up with watching the same advertisement played TWO or THREE times in a row during breaks on SBS on Demand. This is so annoying it is putting us off watching this channel completely!

    Thanking you

  2. The commercials on SBS are unrelentingly terrible. The same ones over and over and cutting in at inappropriate times. Would rather watch Foxtel.


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