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More revelations to come in gripping final episode of EXPOSED: The Ghost Train Fire this week

Exposed - Caro Meldrum Hanna (image - ABC)
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Don’t miss the gripping conclusion of EXPOSED as Caro Meldrum-Hanna and the team trace an intricate network of corruption surrounding the fatal 1979 Ghost Train fire.

Episode two, now on ABC iview, revealed a police investigation that was botched from the start, as well as multiple witnesses pointing to suspicious circumstances and arson.  Several claimed they felt bullied and pressured by police to change their statements.  

The final episode of this three-part ABC NEWS investigation will leave audiences reeling.

“I never thought you’d uncover this.”

Following a paper trail that includes internal police and government documents, the EXPOSED team probes the potential motive behind arson as well as links to organised crime.

Questions are raised about relationships between senior detectives, politicians and Sydney’s criminal underworld.

In a series of exclusive interviews, police insiders and judicial figures lift the lid on a “web of criminal endeavour” reaching all the way to the top.

Production Credits:  Exposed is an ABC Special Investigation by Caro Meldrum-Hanna, Patrick Begley, Dunja Karagic and Jaya Balendra.  Series Producer Jaya Balendra. Executive Producer Sue Spencer.  International Distributors ABC Commercial.

Exposed – Episode 3 airs Tuesday 30 March at 8.30pm on ABC

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  1. I’ve never known a journalist to insert themselves into the story more. Caro LOVES shots of herself doing ‘journalist stuff’ inserted into these doco’s, as much as she does footage of the actual people involved.

  2. Lynda Day, how can you be serious? Honestly, what is your agenda? This is the best serious journalistic investigative investigation work I’ve seen on free to air television in decades. Since when did television journalists ever not present the story themselves? A healthy democracy will have a whole lot more of it.

  3. Caro was nothing short of fabulous with her investigative journalism. I was spell bound throughout the series & now wait for justice to be served and persons to be held to account


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