Thursday Ratings | Seven nab a much needed victory thanks to the AFL


The PM may have been defending himself but it was the festival of the boot that took out the night.

What you watched on Seven depended on where you are in the country as to the channel you watched it on: Thursday Night AFL (522,000 – 5CM) and then AFL Post-Game (327,000 – 5CM), or Home and Away (294,000 – SYD/BNE/PER),
MOVIE: Peter Rabbit (123,000), and a repeat of MOVIE: We’re The Millers (83,000). Seven first in both primary (21.1%) & network (31.1%) shares.

A massive get on Nine’s A Current Affair (458,000 – SYD/MEL/ADL/PER) saw Tracy Grimshaw become the first journo to have a one-on-one with the PM since the Brittany Higgins scandal broke. It was an excellent interview, however sport ruins everything. Then depending on where you were in the country, you either watched the Thursday Night NRL (358,000 – SYD/BNE) and then Thursday Night Knock-Off (156,000 – SYD/BNE) on one of two channels, or in MEL/ADL/PER you may have watched Mega Zoo (158,000), a repeat of Emergency (119,000), or New Amsterdam (72,000). Nine second in both primary (17.6%) & network (25.8%) shares.

10 can’t get out of the blocks properly. The Project (247,000 6:30pm; 367,000 7pm) sinks, and audiences all but desert Bondi Rescue (308,000) and Territory Cops (310,000). 10 solely kept afloat by Gogglebox Australia (509,000), far and away its best of the night. New episodes of Law & Order: SVU (215,000)
and This Is Us (88,000) finishes up Thursday. 10 third in both primary (12.3%) & network (19.4%) shares.

ABC starts strong – for a Thursday – with 7:30 (548,000) and Back Roads (428,000), however it tapers far too quickly to Q+A (237,000) which delivers its near lowest numbers this year. Apparently it’s “taking a break” over Easter.
Kurt Fearnley’s One Plus One (162,000) suffers the most with a poor lead-in, and Aussie Inventions That Changed The World (141,000) rounds out the night. ABC fourth in both primary (11.5%) & network (16.2%) shares.


Sunrise (250,000)
The Today Show (198,000)
ABC Breakfast (185,000 [115,000 ABC; 70,000 ABC News])

All ratings data listed is Five City Metro, overnights only.

Top 20 Overnight Metro

Top 20 Multi-Channel Shows

Overnight Network Share

Top 20 Foxtel Shows

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Note: Program performance and ranking information subject to change when not based on final program logs. Programs with the same name on one or more primary or multichannel, are aggregated into one network figure.

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  1. Hey Steve, could you please tell me what are the Ratings for the daytime programs? Because it’s never ever been shown nor mentioned anywhere before..

    Ellen, Seven’s Movie at 12pm, The Chase UK & Good Chef Bad Chef..?

    Please, thanks Steve..!!
    All the best..

    • Hi AJ – the information we’re given from OzTAM and allowed to publish is the Top 20 only (as per the tables). Anything else we need to especially dig for and have limited capacity to deliver that. Was there a particular day you wanted the numbers for?

      • Oh ok..
        The day i wanted was all for Thursday 25 March Please.

        Ellen, Seven’s Movie at 12pm, The Chase UK & Good Chef Bad Chef..

        Thanks Steve.!

          • Ok, though I don’t have or use Twitter..

            I was wondering if you can just give me the Ratings for Ellen, Seven’s Movie at 12pm, The Chase UK & Good Chef Bad Chef.? For Thursday 25 March.



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