Swedish crime drama SPRING TIDE returns for second season at SBS On Demand


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Olivia Rönning and Abbas el Fassi are affected by two different murders in two different cities, Marseille and Stockholm.

They are each pulled into their respective cases, which are connected somehow. Customs agent Bengt Sahlman is found hanging dead in his home by his 17-year-old daughter Sandra. Olivia, just home from a long trip, passes Sahlman’s home as Sandra comes running out of the house in panic.

This becomes the prelude to Olivia’s (Julia Ragnarsson) involvement in young Sandra’s fate, which resembles Olivia’s own: both of her parents are now dead. It is soon determined that the suicide was a murder, and the case lands on Mette Olsätter’s desk.

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A blind woman is found brutally stabbed to death in Marseille. When Abbas (Dar Salim) sees a picture of the murdered woman, Samira, in a French newspaper, he recognises the love of his life. Abbas decides to go to Marseille to find out what happened to her.

He asks Tom Stilton, who has contacts in the Marseille police, to accompany him.
Olivia, Tom, Abbas and Mette do everything in their power to solve the two cases, and despite their previous differences, Stilton and Olivia find themselves back together and start working together. Again.

Spring Tide (Season Two) Australian Premiere Thursday, 25 March 2021 on SBS On Demand (all ten episodes available to stream)

In Swedish with English subtitles. S1 will also be made available again on SBS On Demand.

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