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Home Anj, Rob & Robbo Show #MAFSAU EXCLUSIVE | Beck’s advice to Melissa about Bryce – “RUN!”

#MAFSAU EXCLUSIVE | Beck’s advice to Melissa about Bryce – “RUN!”

Beck Zemek appearing on The Anj, Rob & Robbo Show
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Beck Zemek is not holding back and has now issued a very blunt warning to Melissa

Rob McKnight and Beck Zemek

Channel 9’s Married at First Sight is facing one of the biggest controversies in the history of the show with claims one of its participants had a secret girlfriend while ‘married’ during the show.

Radio announcer Bryce Ruthven is the man accused but has denied all claims, which came to light last week during the dinner party.

This week his arch-nemesis Beck Zemek is not backing down on those claims which have continued to play out on the show (and please note Beck has confirmed the spelling of her name, it’s not Bec).

“Someone definitely is telling porky pies… we all know it’s Bryce.

Bryce and Melissa MAFS (image – 9)

Appearing on The Anj, Rob & Robbo Show on Monday night, Beck repeated her claims that Bryce told her about his secret girlfriend during the shooting of MAFS:

“I was trying to help the guy, I was like – this is your opportunity to say what you said… he dug himself a grave.

Beck also says that moments after Bryce dropped the bombshell Jake joined them and as he was leaving with Beck she told him what had happened:

“Jake was the one that actually prevented me from confronting Bryce about it at the first dinner party when I seen (sic) him going for Sam.

After deciding not to bring up the secret girlfriend Beck says the only other person she confided in was Jo. Beck and Jake had decided to let it be but when rumours started circulating Beck says she had no choice but to tell the truth:

“I was trying to help the guy, I was like – this is your opportunity to say what you said… he dug himself a grave.

*Watch the full interview with Beck in the video player below (skip to 44.25)

But while Beck believes the truth should be told, she also thought about letting it go in consideration of Bryce’s partner, Melissa. Ultimately though, Beck says she wasn’t going to be intimidated into silence:

“I gave him 3 opportunities to speak to Melissa, and he started unravelling himself and couldn’t keep the story straight.”

And while many viewers are wondering why Melissa is still with Bryce, Beck believes the answer is simple:

“She (Melissa) is not experienced in relationships, and she’s scared that Bryce is going to leave her.”

When asked why she believes Melissa believes Bryce over her, Beck is philosophical:

“Melissa has entered this experiment and is deeply and madly falling for Bryce, the thought of her not having him by her side I can see could be so heartbreaking. It wasn’t even about wanting her to believe me, it was more about wanting her to address it and find out more, rather than just put all her trust in Bryce.”

And when asked what advice she has for Melissa, Beck’s reply was very simple:

“I would say run”

*Married at First Sight continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on NINE

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