Kitty Flanagan’s FISK a no-risk Aussie comedy


Dan’s away taking important meetings this week, leaving Jo, Brooky and Molk to struggle through on our own. DAN WILL RETURN at some point his lawyers tell us.

Gird your loins, friends, because this week we’re taking a Group Binge that has been the cause of much controversy between your Bingeboxers.

Kitty Flanagan’s new comedy series FISK (ABC & iview) has her starring as Helen Tudor-Fisk whose life has imploded personally and professionally, landing her in the suburban Melbourne offices of Gruber & Gruber Solicitors scrounging a job. Julia Zemiro, Marty Sheargold, and Aaron Chen round out the core cast in what we all found to be a perfectly excellent comedy. Well, by “all” we mean “Molk”. The others were not as effusive with their praise, though they were on the back foot by comparison.

Don’t forget to land in the TV Bingebox Gang Facebook Group to tell us what you thought of FISK or any of the other shows we mention this week. We’re making “a connection” with you.

As always our Clap or Slap shows bring quite the diversity of programming also. What a list! THE FALCON & THE WINTER SOLDIER (Disney+), THE LEFTOVERS (FOX SHOWCASE/Binge), THE ONE (Netflix), CATCHING THE CLAREMONT SERIAL KILLER (Sky News), OPERATION VARSITY BLUES (Netflix), and TYRANT (Foxtel On Demand).

Join Jo, Dan, Brooky and Molk as we give you some great tips, hints on shows to watch and those to give a wide berth to as we land squarely in the TV Bingebox!

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