Don’t ask, Don’t tell: FOUR CORNERS to put the focus back on the BRITTANY HIGGINS story this Monday


Don’t ask, Don’t tell: The Brittany Higgins story, who knew what when

“I was raped inside Parliament House by a colleague. And for so long, it felt like the people around me only cared because of where it happened and what it might mean for them.”   Brittany Higgins

When former coalition staffer Brittany Higgins came forward to allege that she had been raped in a ministerial office in Parliament House, it horrified the country. 

“I think the Australian public would expect Parliament House to be the most secure building in Australia. We have cameras everywhere, there’s security, guards, and bollards at every entrance.”   Federal member of parliament

Her account of effectively being silenced for political reasons sparked outrage and condemnation of the culture of Canberra.

“It’s a vicious cycle and I suppose it’s hard to comprehend that people would just stick around and tolerate certain behaviour for a job, but it’s more than a job, it’s your life.”  Former coalition staffer

On Monday Four Corners investigates how and why Brittany Higgins’ story was kept quiet for almost two years.

“It gives me the sense that there is a machine that takes care of these things.”  Former senior public servant

The program examines the key questions of who knew what, and when, and whether there’s been a coverup.

New revelations call into question statements that have been put on the public record.

With multiple inquiries under way and the government under pressure, those who have worked in the corridors of power say it is time to overturn “politics as usual”.

“I think that people in that building are hyped up on power. There’s no checks and balances and they can get away with it. It’s a place built on secrets and lies essentially.”  Former coalition staffer

Don’t ask, Don’t tell, reported by Sean Nicholls, goes to air on Monday 22nd March at 8.30pm.

It is replayed on Tuesday 23rd March at 1.00pm and Wednesday 24th at 11.20pm. It can also be seen on ABC NEWS channel on Saturday at 8.10pm AEST, ABC iview and at

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