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Full of heartbreak, joy, and more than a hint of eye shadow – IT’S A SIN

Roscoe (Omari Douglas), Jill (Lydia West), Gregory (David Carlyle), Colin (Callum Scott Howells), and Ash (Nathaniel Curtis) watch Ritchie (Olly Alexander - not pictured) recite Shakespeare in IT'S A SIN (image - Stan)
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Ahh, the 80’s. What spectacular music, fashion, and innocence you gave us.

(We’d prefer not to talk about the latent racism or homophobia from that time either however we can’t avoid any of it this week.)

Dan’s away so it’s Jo, Brooky and Molk somehow holding up the fort. Sorry Dan-fans…we know why you were tuning in and can hear those frowns on your faces.

This week’s Group Binge lands us squarely in one of the more tumultuous times in modern England as the HIV/AIDS epidemic appears and then rages across the gay community. Across the five episodes of IT’S A SIN (Stan) we all experienced all the emotions and we all had many, many views about it. You might agree with us. You might also disagree. One thing is for sure we three have an epic chat about this series and Brooky even discovers some Russell T Davies gold.

CAUTION! We do talk about the final episode in depth, and we do alert you to it. If you’ve not seen it and want to enjoy spoiler free you’ll get your warning. 🙂

Pop over to the TV Bingebox Gang Facebook Group to tell us what you thought of the series, or any of the shows we mention this week.

Our Clap or Slap choices are all over the place! From GENERA+ION (FOX SHOWCASE) to SUPERVILLAIN: THE MAKING OF TEKASHI 6IX9NINE (Stan), through MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT (Nine) to the movie PHIL SPECTOR (FOXTEL ON DEMAND), and even STATH LETS FLATS (Britbox).

This week Jo reminds us of a place in our Rewind where everybody knows your name. Yes, CHEERS (Stan) to everyone who remembers Sam, Carla, Norm, Cliff, Woody, Frasier, and Diane and wants to remember them again.

Join Jo, Dan, Brooky and Molk as we give you some great tips, hints on shows to watch and those to give a wide berth to as we land squarely in the TV Bingebox!

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