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An inside look at a live TV production

A multi-view look at The Anj, Rob and Robbo Show
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If you’ve ever wanted to be in a TV control room during a live show, this is your inside look

Jason Roses dealing with a technical issue on the Anj, Rob & Robbo Show (which never made it to air but is viable in this behind the scenes clip)

Live TV is a crazy machine that takes a lot of planning, a lot of talent and a lot of luck!

Whether it’s breakfast TV, the news or live panel shows, there’s always danger when the broadcast is live.

The Anj, Rob & Robbo Show has uploaded a multi-view look at its production to show what really happens behind the scenes each night.

And one of the most fascinating bloopers happens in the entertainment report near the end as a light goes out while Jason Roses is reporting from his Canberra studio. Seeing the problem, I am forced to keep talking while Jason tries to rectify the issue.

Luckily I can talk under water!

We use a system called Vmix to produce the show and we believe it’s hard to tell the difference between what we do and what traditional broadcasters do.

Take a look and let us know your thoughts.

And if you have any questions about the production, leave them in the comments section below and I’ll answer them.

*The Anj, Rob & Robbo Show streams every Monday to Thursday at 9pm AEDT through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch

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  1. Why dont you use this view every night? Also what made you think of vmix? And what are your thoughts on the software that l use to go live. I use switcher studio on a ipad 7th gen

  2. It wouldn’t really be a show if we showed this view every night!

    Vmix provides a robust system which allows us to produce a show of broadcast standards. We can do multiple live crosses, add graphics and supers with ease.

    Look at the production and I think you will find we can do more than switcher studio (but I don’t specifically know the software so I could be wrong)

    • Switcher is easy to use. How long did it take to make all the graphics? Would you know any software that are good on ipads? Or do l need a pc for the good ones?


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