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Sam says ‘goodbye’, Nat says ‘hello’ and Oprah says ‘show me the money’

Samantha Armytage is eaving SUNRISE (image - 7)
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Oprah’s bombshell interview has brought ratings and headlines across the world, but Australia’s own Sam Armytage still managed to drop her own bombshell here in Australia.

Prince Harry and Meghan sat down with Oprah and we all tuned in. (image – 10)

There’s always so much to discuss in the world of television and this week things might get a bit controversial as one of the panel go on a rant (and for once it’s not Rob).

In this episode:

  • 3.08 – Sam Armytage leaves Sunrise
  • 7.23 – Everyone has dissected the content of THAT interview, but we look at it from a production point of view
  • 17.32 – Big trouble for the star of SAS Australia
  • 22.47 – Magda Szubanski to host The Weakest Link on 9
  • 27.29 – WEEK 10 ratings wrap
  • 33.05 – Hatches & Dispatches
  • 34.50 – THE BIG ISSUE – The Future of Channel 10
  • 55.39 – TV Bingebox

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