Tuesday Ratings | MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT brings home the ratings bacon


Second night and the numbers tick UP.

Nine have an embarrassment of riches. A Current Affair (720,000) slams 7pm then Married At First Sight (992,000) grows its audience for night two, leaving its competition for dead. It really doesn’t matter what Botched (386,000) or Labour of Love (128,000) do because it was all over once MAFS was done…as is becoming the standard for all the networks. The post-9pm/9:30pm offerings don’t count for anything. Nine first be a sizeable margin for both primary (26.6%) & network (34.9%) shares.

Seven’s best – Home and Away (460,000) – doesn’t lift their hopes any. The Highway Patrol Special (303,000) was largely ignored, and the US dramas The Good Doctor (294,000) and The Resident (160,000) offered no support. Seven second by daylight in both primary (14.8%) & network (22.8%) shares.

The ABC started reasonably with 7:30 (503,000), and slid into mediocrity beyond that. Foreign Correspondent (390,000), Catalyst (303,000), Australia Remastered (163,000), and a repeat of QI (127,000) do nothing to help what has continued to be problematic Tuesday nights. ABC third in primary (11.5%) & fourth in network (15.6%) shares.

10 in all sorts of trouble as The Project (233,000 6:30pm; 415,000 7pm) underwhelms, dragging down The Amazing Race Australia (459,000) with it. NCIS (263,000) and NCIS: Los Angeles (221,000)–both of which used to command double this audience but only two years ago–check in however that’s about all they do. 10 all the way back in fourth in primary (11.3%) & scrapes a third in network (18.3%) shares.


Sunrise (262,000)
The Today Show (206,000)
ABC Breakfast (196,000 [124,000 ABC; 72,000 ABC News])

All ratings data listed is Five City Metro, overnights only.

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