RECAP | Prawn farmer Daniel Thusberg nets final place in HOLEY MOLEY! Grand Final


Daniel Thusberg is a North Queensland prawn farmer, ring card boy, and now, Holey Moley finalist, after a knock-out performance hooked him the last spot in Monday night’s Holey Moley Grand Final. 

Wearing his ring card costume – nothing more than a skimpy pair of black budgie smugglers – the long-haired left-hander showed some serious putting skills, delighting the crowd with handstands, hair flicks and somersaults while dominating the obstacles, destroying Polcano, slaying Dragon’s Breath and proving he was no chicken on Fowl Play.

“I’m going to win this. I’m number one! I won’t be holding up the cards, I’m going to be holding up a cheque for $100,000,” said Daniel on his big win. 

Trash-talking his fellow competitors throughout the night, Daniel produced solid form to back-up his fighting words. Going head-to-head with winemaker Ben Guilfoyle on Polcano, Daniel achieved a competition first by landing successfully on the pole. 

After displaying one of the best runs in the competition and becoming a firm crowd favourite, Daniel made his way to the final round, meeting Emma Guest and Dylan Evans on Fowl Play. 

In a nail-biting finish, Daniel scored the winning putt and celebrated with an almighty yell as he donned the prestigious plaid jacket, was presented with the golden putter and booked his place in the Holey Moley Grand Final.

And now, the time has finally come. Tomorrow night the Holey Moley Grand Final is here! After all the big hits and near misses, victory is in sight for 10 returning champions, who will battle it out over three epic rounds of mini golf.

One monster $100,000 putt on Greg Norman’s Tomb of Nefer-Tee-Tee will separate our champion from the pack.

Holey Moley Grand Final – 7.30pm Monday on Channel 7 and 7plus




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