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RECAP | Tradie Tom Kunkel swaps the hi-vis for plaid and sinks 6-foot putt on HOLEY MOLEY!

Holey Moley Australia (image - Seven)
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Heavy machine operator and labourer Tom Kunkel put his beloved Yeppoon on the map on Sunday night after snatching Holey Moley victory in a tense 6-foot putt off.   

“It’s like a dream come true. Now it’s time to open the eyes and broaden the shoulders as we have a bigger task to hit,”

said the 21-year-old larrikin, who is the seventh golfer to earn a place in the Holey Moley Grand Final. “I’m going out there to prove the local yobbo you see working on the side of the street can make it onto something like this and win it too!”

A golfing fanatic from the age of three, Tom describes himself as a “typical Aussie bogan” with a little city twist.

“I’ve got the dirty old mullet. I love strapping on the hi-viz and I’ve got a gold nose ring just to throw a little city touch in there!”

On the final round of the night, Tom, Emma Beauclerc and Daniel Kuzeff went head-to-head on Putter Ducky for the plaid jacket and golden putter. With all three balls putted within range, it was anyone’s game. Daniel’s putt went wide and missed, seemingly taking Emma down with him when he struck her ball with his putter.

Course marshal Nick was called in to keep the peace and re-set Emma’s ball, sending Tom and Emma to a tie-breaking 6-foot putt off. First to putt, Emma missed, leaving the door open for Yeppoon’s favourite son to take the win and bask in the glow of Holey Moley glory.    

Monday night on Holey Moley: What makes the ultimate mini golfer? It’s brains versus brawn. It’s mind versus muscle. It’s the physically gifted versus the mentally sharp. They’ll go head-to-head, but who will be the first to conquer Uranus?

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Join Greg Norman, Sonia Kruger, Rob Riggle and Matt Shirvington when Holey Moley returns Monday night at 7.30pm.

Holey Moley – 7.00pm Sunday, 7.30pm Monday and Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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