Contemporary Australian comedy WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS premieres this week on ABC TV PLUS


Why Are You Like This follows best friends Mia and Penny as they navigate their 20s in Melbourne, along with Penny’s dramatic and aloof housemate, Austin.

Guided by their own modern-day moral code, they confront complex social issues in an outrage driven world, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

Why Are You Like This explores the grey areas a lot of us are afraid to traverse, in a world determined to see things as black and white.

Mia (Oliveer Junkeer), fierce and absolutely narcissistic, is aware of the social capital she has as a bi, South Asian woman, and milks her position at the intersection of these minorities for all it’s worth.

Whether that’s keeping a job she’s objectively terrible at, or exploiting creeps on the internet for cash, Mia gets exactly what she wants, at the expense of everyone around her.

Anxious and righteous Penny (Naomi Higgins) is on a quest to be the ultimate ally to Mia – and every other person who has potentially experienced oppression.

She is quick to leap to the (usually unnecessary) defence of those wronged and is always the first to stand up against the bigots (real or imagined).

Penny’s housemate is Austin (Wil King), who has never had to work. An artist, struggling to break through in the competitive drag scene, he is experiencing a bad case of the clinically diagnosed blues.

He goes to a therapist once though, so he’s probably fine.

Production credits: A CKOL production for ABC and Netflix with funding from Screen Australia in association with Film Victoria. Created and Written by: Naomi Higgins Humyara, Mahbub & Mark Samual Bonanno. Producer Sarah Freeman. Executive Producers Jessie Oldfield, Adam Murfet and Amanda Higgs. ABC Executive Producers Nick Hayden and Rick Kalowski.

Why Are You Like This premieres Tuesday 16 February 8.45pm on ABC TV PLUS and iview




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