ABC documentary QUOLL FARM takes up the fight to save the wonderful marsupial


In a distant corner of Tasmania lives a remarkable animal, the Eastern Quoll, a rare and wonderful marsupial.

Already extinct on the Australian mainland, their numbers are declining in Tasmania, their last refuge. Invasive predators, a changing climate and human encroachment threaten their numbers. Soon these animals could be lost for ever.

But could humans also help them survive? Simon Plowright, a naturalist, and filmmaker spends a year on an abandoned farm in a hidden valley looking into their world and uncovering their secrets.

This is a story about endangered animals and one man’s extraordinary devotion to save them….and sometimes, against all the odds, magic happens.

Production details: A Wild Creature Films and Smith&Nasht Production. Principal Production and Development Funding from Screen Australia. Developed and produced with Screen Tasmania. Production Funding from Smithsonian Channel, ZDF/Arte, NHK and the ABC. Filmed with the assistance of the TSO. Writer/Director: Simon Plowright, Producers: Simon Nasht & Nick Hayward, ABC Executive Producer: Leo Faber.

Quoll Farm – Sunday 14 February 7.40pm on ABC and iview



  1. We watched this wonderful documentary last night, thrilled with the antics of the quoll mums, Clover, the possum, the roos, and the tassie devils. What an excellent peek into our wildlife. We can only recommend it while it is still available. The host, practically became one of the family to the quoll families. I would like to know who this excellent man is.

  2. Wasn’t that a brilliant program! I’ve had the privilege of seeing quolls (briefly) in the wild in Tasmania, but the intimate footage of their glorious romping around the old farmhouse was next level. And what lovely man Simon Plowright is.

  3. My wife and I watched this wonderful program ‘Quoll Farm’ last night and were enchanted by these very endearing animals and their young. What a treat to view them in a natural habitat with other natives animals. We congratulate Mr. Plowbright for spending twelve months creating this enlightening documentary, you could see he was enjoying himself, who wouldn’t. Congratulations.

  4. What a beautifully made film. It made me smile laugh and cry a little. Gentleness came across in spades. Humans stupidity and greed was apparent. Loved it,I want to move to tazzie and save Quolls

    • I agree with you, I was so sad and angry that there are animals like quoll suffers from human’s irresponsibility and stupidly quolls should still be around anywhere in Australia . Its about time to wake up. I 💔 Quolls

  5. Thank you so much Mr. Simon Plowright it was very Excellent and Educating film. I truly hope that this doco would make a big impact in awareness and saving wildlife animals specially those that are endangered like these adorable quolls.


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