Seven seeks to ‘burn off’ new episodes of THE CHASE after Andrew O’Keefe exit


In the wake of Andrew O’Keefe’s exit from the Seven Network due to criminal assault charges, the network now appears to be getting rid of new episodes featuring the presenter.

An update to TV guide information issued yesterday indicates Seven will now broadcast brand new episodes of The Chase across all of next week.

Previously the network had advised it would air repeat episodes on Wednesday Thursday and Friday. It has been common practice for Seven to air a mix of 2 new episodes and 3 repeat episodes of the popular game show each week throughout 2020

While one insider at Seven indicated the late programming move was designed to put more competitive programming up against Nine’s Tennis coverage, the decision could also be seen as a move to accelerate the clearing out of episodes featuring O’Keefe, so that the network can bring in a new host for the program sooner than previously expected.

As previously revealed by TV Blackbox, Seven produced approximately six months’ worth of new episodes of The Chase late last year before presenter Andrew O’Keefe’s contract expired.

The decision comes after the Television presenter was charged with assault and had a provisional apprehended violence order placed upon him, after an incident involving his partner, Dr Orly Lavee on Sunday morning.

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  1. I feel it’s a bad move to get rid of Andrew O Keefe I have watched every episode and now I won’t watch seven nine.
    As I feel that seven is doing the wrong thing when he has not been found guilty yet.
    Channel seven .
    That’s my opinion and I am sure others will feel the same way.

    • Yes I’ve just wrote my comments on my Facebook page.
      Disgusting behaviour on the part of channel 7.
      The man has given them the best over the years and they have used the fact that his contract was coming to an end anyway.
      Shame on you,you’ve probably got the next compare lined up already…☹️

  2. What happend to “innocent until proven guilty”. .Andrew made ‘The Chase” enjoyable. Time to switch to “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”!

  3. So Channel seven you have hung drawn and quartered Andrew without his situation been given proper legal process. His lawyer states that he is not the aggressor so why don’t you just wait unless you have wanted to get rid of him for something else and you are using this opportunity. Shame on you Channel seven.

  4. It wasn’t a good look when Andrew O’keefe was in the gutter in Chapel st drunk? Yes it has been said that he wasn’t the aggressor maybe he should take some time out and get some counseling.

  5. He made that show. 7 dropped him like a hotcake. Looks like the network is also a judge and jury now. May they reap what they sew.

  6. I agree with most of the others, Andrew absolutely makes that show. He’s terrific with the contestants, putting them at ease, during what is probably a nervous time for them. Ch. 7 should wait for due judicial process, and not just wipe him so unceremoniously! At least they are going to show the latest series …

  7. We all make mistakes in our life as far as O’Keeffe he is one off the best on television he has a gift talented also l enjoy watching him l feel the chase won’t be the same why can’t u reconsider this event after all we are all human and l doubt your show shall ever be as good as this ever again his witty respectful and has every reason to stay why condemn one mistakes it takes two he may have had a experience like all of us to act this way unfair l won’t watch this show again if he leaves lve filled him for years give this wonderful person a chance reconsider your thoughts your show won’t lose its ratings

  8. I always watch chase and definitely think Chanel 7 should not have sacked Andrew Okeith without it going to trial and now he might be the innocent party and it will be too late the show won’t be the same without him very disappointing 👩🏽🥲

  9. Ditto to the above comments. Andrew is one, if not the best compare I’ve ever seen on any of these type of programs. Loved watching him on “Deal or no Deal”. What a difference between Andrew and the British version compare. No contest! Andrew will be a very hard act to follow and personally, don’t care who they agonize over the choice for his successor, I won’t be watching. Stick it 7!!! You’re a bit of a boring station anyway with too many ads and repeats.

    • I’m afraid I found Andrew O’Keefe very false, I plastic, and a poor actor. The incessant fake laugh have me reaching for the mute button, and those ridiculous hand flapping gestures are maddening. I do feel bad for him though, he has problems.

  10. I couldn’t stand o,Keef.After trying to watch a couple of times I found him to be annoying, with his hand gestures and over accentuated pronunciations.Also the supposed tension pauses before giving the answers to push backs by the contestants. On the occasions I watched I noticed he would tail off when talking. Bring Bradley Walsh over !!!

    • Agree totally Michael, you are so right and on the money with your summing up of okeefe, employ the best in the business, Bradley Walsh

  11. As much as I cannot stand Andrew O’Keefe, I must agree with the majority of viewers on here. He must be innocent until proven guilty. That’s our justice system not ratings and face book comments. Too many judges out there now. Channel 7 have sealed his fate.

  12. CH 7 Were you employing Andrew for his Personal Life or for his Professional Abilities?
    He has done a wonderful job for Ch 7 and this is how you support your workers when they need support.
    Not a Good Look. CHANNEL 7

  13. If you must replace Andrew, I think you should give Sam Mac a go. He is great on sunrise. Larry Embur is on his used by date and the others have probably had their shot at fame. So please consider Sam as he is kind and gentle gentleman and I am sure he would make contestants feel at ease

  14. I’m glaeen sacked Andrew has been sacked… he is nothing but a badly dressed arm flapping idiot that just had to carry jokes to far… Personally I cant wait to see the back of him…


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