COVID hits drama filled new season of Summer House

New House, New Roommate, New Challenges!

The drama intensifies as the “Summer House” crew mixes business with pleasure for the first time together 24/7.

Quaranteaming in the Hamptons, this friend group must tackle work, tumultuous relationships, and epic parties under one roof.

Although COVID-19 postponed Kyle and Amanda’s wedding, their relationship has grown stronger than ever after isolating together. Amanda now works full time for Loverboy.


Lindsay is ready to settle down this summer, and in her mind the clock is ticking on her relationship timeline.She makes it clear to her boyfriend, Stephen, that she’s ready to take things to the next level.

But when podding in the house together puts their relationship to the test, Lindsay is forced to evaluate where they stand. Coming off an emotional year, Carl is left to pickup the pieces and reckon with himself.

Through therapy, meditation and hard work, Carl hopes this summer of self-care will make him the best version of himself. Hannah enters the house in hopes of continuing her fling with Luke.

After quarantining with her parents, she is feeling frisky and ready to flirt. Things get complicated when Luke arrives with newcomer and old flame Ciara, leaving Hannah wondering where they stand.

A healthcare hero and Atlanta native, newcomer Ciara joins the house looking to let loose after treating COVID-19 patients in New York City as an ICU nurse. Invited to the house by Luke, Ciara soon finds herself involved in relationship drama and must fend for herself as the newest roommate.

SUMMER HOUSE – Season 5 premieres Friday February 5 at 1.30pm EXPRESS FROM THE US (encore 8.30pm) on FOX ARENA or watch On Demand





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