Meet the Contestants of Seven’s crazy new series HOLEY MOLEY


Putter up! Meet the Holey Moley competitors.

Sharing a passion for the game these brave contenders will battle each other and the fierce Holey Moley course.

In the first round of each episode, eight players compete in a series of head-to-head matchups. Only the four winners go through to the second round to battle it out.

Those who are victorious head straight to the final hole. The remaining two compete in the Distractor Duel for the last spot in the final three-way battle.

The ultimate winner of each episode takes home the prestigious plaid jacket, the golden putter and books a spot in the Grand Final, where they will compete for the chance to win $100,000 on the daunting last hole, the Tomb of Nefer-Tee-Tee. 

When it comes to success on the challenging course, Holey Moley co-commentator, Rob Riggle, believes the obstacles diminish any advantage professionals have over amateur golfers.

”Professionals may have more experience with putting, but there are so many obstacles to overcome that putting is only one part of the equation.”

Holey Moley premieres 7.30pm Monday, 1 February on Channel 7. Catch up on 7plus


Why will you win Holey Moley? 

My golfing background. I know what it’s like to be under pressure and what it takes to overcome that. I have played one on one against people, I know how to read people, get into their head and feed off their weaknesses; try and put them off.  

How are you going to go on the obstacle course?  

Spending most of my childhood in the snow and on the slopes, I feel like I have the co-ordination to make it through the obstacles, and being a professional golfer, I’ve got the putting covered. 


When did you start playing golf/mini golf?  

I started playing golf in 2014 because my now husband asked me if I wanted to play. Six months later, I led my team to victory in an invitational tournament. Turns out I have a “natural swing” and “soft hands”.  

What advantages do you have over your competitors?  

I’m a former gymnast, so there’s the inbuilt co-ordination and discipline, a little bit of fitness and the perfect amount of golf – that’s why I’m going to win Holey Moley.  


Why do you think you can win Holey Moley? 

I’m cool, calm and collected and don’t shy away from a challenge. 

Do you have any unusual skills that will assist on the Holey Moley course? 

Just skills from my golfing career. I played professional golf for 10 years and was ranked 1073rd in the world until injury ended my career. And my dance moves might intimidate some people!        


What does mini golf mean to you?  

Mini golf is my world! I live and breathe it. When I go on holiday, I find mini golf courses and play them too. You can never have enough mini golf games. Mini golf is in my blood. My parents were the first professional mini golf players in Australia and managed the first chain of courses.  I now run one of the very same courses course today.  

Why do you think you can win Holey Moley?  

I can putt, block out fear and will give anything a go! I was in the Army Reserves for seven years. I’m hoping my obstacle course and mental training will give me an edge on the craziest, wildest mini golf course in the world. I’m also Australia’s #1 Women’s Mini Golf Champion.


Why do you love mini golf? 

I love the contraptions of mini golf. It’s a puzzle, so you must use the problem-solving part of your brain as well as being calm and measured. Those are two of my strengths. 

Do you have any unusual skills that will assist on the Holey Moley course?  

I am agile and I like to rock climb, so this might give me an advantage with heights and grip strength. 


Describe your style of play? 

“Just bash it!” is my usual style of play, both on a golf and mini golf course. I do try to use a bit of physics to see if I can use my trick shot knowledge to pull off some of the “hero” shots. But generally, I just hit and hope! 

Why do you want to win Holey Moley? 

I want to win because I am the most competitive person around and I’ve already picked out the place in my golf shop for the golden putter and the green Holey Moley jacket, so that everyone can see I won the first series of Holey Moley. 

MICHELLE, 38 – AWFL COACH (West Coast Eagles) 

Why do you love golf/mini golf? 

Golf is my passion. It’s a game that frustrates me so much. Being a coach, I feel I can teach people technique and skill, but golf is the one game where mindset is paramount. 

Why do you think you are going to win Holey Moley?  

I kick goals and I sink putts and that’s what it’s going to take. I’m highly competitive, I trust myself, I’ve got a great belief in myself and I trust the process that I have had as a coach. I feel that’s really going to help me gain a competitive edge in understanding my opponents and knowing how to beat them.  


How do you think you’ll go on the course? 

I think I’m going to go well. I can pull some magic shots and ‘ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve. The only problem is going to be for the competitor, they are going down!   

How did you earn the nickname, ‘Mr Mysterious’? 

On the golf course I can always get myself out of a sticky situation.


Are you threatened by any of the professional golfers?  

I’m not threatened by anyone on the golf course. I’m ready to give it a crack and show the world what Average Joel’s got. 

What’s your Holey Moley secret weapon? 

As a concreter, I am good at reading the grounds of a golf course. The fall, the slopes and the gradients on the greens. I’m able to judge where the ball’s going to go and its speed.  


Why do you love golf/mini golf? 

I love the challenge and the fact that no game is ever the same. It’s as much a mental game as a physical game, and you are competing against yourself as much as you are competing against others. It also gives me the chance to get out and have some “me” time. 

What is your game plan for playing Holey Moley? 

I feel that people are going to underestimate me because of my outfit. They’ll look at me and think, “She’s a crazy Christmas mum, she’s got no hope here.” I am just going to fly under the radar and sink a few putts and see how I go. 


What gives you the edge to win Holey Moley? 

I’m a bit of a cheater, but we’ll let that one slide! I think my practice of Muay Thai will give me an advantage in agility and hand-eye co-ordination.  

Cheater? How are you going to achieve that? 

If I’m not winning, I’ll give the ball a little bit of a nudge to my own advantage. 


Describe your personality 

Sledging is part of my personality. I don’t take life too seriously and believe in having a good time with everything that I do.  

Why do you love golf/mini golf? 

I love that you can look at golf like life. You have a bad shot; you have a bad day. It’s all about learning how to cope with those moments.


When did you start playing golf or mini golf and why did you get into it? 

I started when I was four years old as my grandparents were avid golfers. I would join them on the course every day when I visited.

One of fondest memories was beating my grandfather, father and older brother on one of the holes as a five-year-old. 

What is your Holey Moley game plan? 

When I walkout, I plan to blindside my competitor. They will see the “woo girl,” but they will not know that I have been playing golf my whole life. I am ready to knock everybody out of the water. 


Why do you want to win Holey Moley?  

I would love to win for the lifelong bragging rights and that jacket. My golfing buddies would be so jealous. 

What sort of golfing competitor are you? 

When I play golf with my friends, I am not above heckling and giving them a little bit of stick to put them off their game. I think with people that I haven’t met, I might be a little kinder and polite, but secretly I will be hoping they trip over their own feet. 


Why do you want to win Holey Moley? 

As Queenslanders, we are strong, we are durable, and we adapt to what surroundings we have. We want to be the champions of the world. That’s what I want to be in Holey Moley, the champion. You can call this man with the beard, the champion. 

What does golf/mini golf mean to you? 

Golf means a lot to me as my father taught me how to play and I have passed that on to my own sons, teaching the game to them. It is awesome when we are all together to play a round.  


When did you start playing golf/mini golf and why did you get into it? 

From the time I could walk, my dad had a golf club in my hands. My whole family plays golf and my aunty is a golf professional, so I spent many hours either hitting practice balls in the backyard, playing or watching my aunty play in tournaments. 

Why do you love golf or mini golf? 

I love surprising men with my ability, pretending I’m an innocent young woman that doesn’t really know the rules then beating them at the game.



Describe your style of play.  

I’ve been told I swing like a rusty gate…ugly, but it does the trick. 

What do you love about golf? 

I just love the peace of it all. Obviously, everyone wants to win, and everyone wants to beat their last score, but at the end of the day if you had four hours to enjoy a walk, play some golf and have a few beers at the end of it, that’s a perfect Saturday.  


When did you start playing golf/mini golf?  
I played mini golf as a child but started the big game this year. I have discovered that golf is fun, strategic and incredibly competitive.  

Who will be cheering you on? 

I am going to try my best for my pop. To see his little girl on TV playing one of his favourite sports will give him the biggest smile. He’s been a good golfer his whole life and I know it will give him a thrill to see me play.  


What do you think will give you the edge in the competition?  

I’ve got the confidence and everyone’s going to feel intimidated. I’m going to dominate the competition. 

How will the ladies respond to you? 

I feel I’ll be the hottest man on the show because I’ve got the looks, I’ve got the style, I’ve got the swag. 


What does golf/mini golf mean to you? 

Mini golf brings a lot of joy to families and groups who play. Everyone can take part, no matter your skill or age. 

Why do you think you can win Holey Moley? 

I talk a good game; I also play a good game! I envision myself as Serena Williams when I step on the green and I fight to the death.


Are you an adventurous person? 

I love throwing myself in the deep end, sink or swim. In this game, my plan is to not be swimming – hopefully I can sink that ball.  

What aspects of your role as a stage performer will help with this competition? 

I certainly won’t be distracted by the lights, the crowd or the cameras. I have the ability to ignore all that and just focus.


What does golf/mini golf mean to you? 

Golf has been a part of my life for the past 16 years, both personally and professionally. I love people’s reactions when I tell them that I play with a handicap of seven. I want to empower more young girls and women to give golf a go. 

Why do you think you can win Holey Moley? 

Having played golf for 16 years and having played in a mini golf championship, I would give myself a seven out of 10 for my mini golf skills. Put me on the course though and my competitive streak takes over.  


When did you start playing golf/mini golf?  

My love of the game started at the age of five when I got my first hole in one on the Sandy Point mini golf course.  

What’s your game plan on the golf course? 

When people look at me, they may think I’m a cruisy guy, but I’m super competitive. My vibe when I get out on that course is to be aggressive; I’m going for that hole in one.  I’m here to take out victory and the plaid jacket.  


Describe your style of play… 

It all depends on the difficulty level of the hole I’m playing. If it’s an easy hole, I’ll take it slow. If it’s a hard one, my best advice is to give the ball a belt and hope for the best; 99.9% of the time it works in my favour! 

What’s your motivation for winning? 

I have a little unfinished business with golf from not pursuing it further when I was scouted as a child. I would love to win the $100,000 prize money.


What is your game plan going into Holey Moley? 

I hope to stay dry, put some pressure on the opposition by banging it in the hole and then sliding straight on into the grand final. 

Do you have a signature move? 

As I am lining up to putt, I do a little jig. It helps to shake off the nerves and line up the putt.  


What is your Holey Moley strategy? 

My strategy through this whole competition is winging it, sheer confidence and self-belief. No matter what, I always come out smiling. 

If you win, what do you plan to do with the prize money? 

I want to buy two rings – an engagement ring for my girlfriend and a keyring for the house I plan to put a deposit on with my winnings.  


Why do you love golf/mini golf? 

No matter how good you think you are at the game, it will always surprise you. You can go from one of the best shots of your life to moments later having the worst shot ever.  

What attracted you to Holey Moley? 

I believe this is a competition I can win. It allows me to be my ridiculous self and play a sport that doesn’t require me to train seven days a week and get up at 3am in the morning. It’s the path of least resistance to championship! 


What do you think your opponents will think of you?  

I think my opponents might not think I’m a real threat. They’ll think I’m a nice little girl, here for fun, but I’ve got my game face on and I’m here for the win. 

Aside from winning, what do you hope to get out of the Holey Moley experience? 

I am doing it for fun and I want to get out of my comfort zone. I feel like this will give me more confidence.


Why do you love golf/mini golf? 

I love how golf can be so relaxing and therapeutic one minute and so competitive and strategic the next. 

When did you start playing golf/mini golf? 

I started playing golf at the age of 12. We were a family of swimmers and we were all in the Australian team. My dad took us for golfing lessons as a distraction from all the swimming training and I fell in love with the game.  


When did you start playing golf/mini golf and why did you get into it? 

I started playing and loving all forms of golf around seven years of age. Both my parents were weekly golf players which made it even more enjoyable that I could play with and against them.  

What will give you the winning edge? 

I’ll bring a winning combination with my cat-like reflexes and golf game to match. 

I am also an aircraft maintenance engineer, which means I’ve got a mathematical mind that enables me to work out all the angles and how to sink that ball in the hole.  


What do you love about golf/mini golf? 

I love the competition and the fact that it is a complete leveller. No matter your skill set, there is always the chance you can win.  

What will you do with the prize money should you win? 

I would invest in some stocks. 


Do you think it’s brains or brawn that will be most useful in taking out the Holey Moley title? 

I think a little bit of both with a good mix of luck.  

 You have an intense diet regime when taking part in body-building competitions. What you eat? 

It’s a daily diet of one kilo of fish, 24 egg whites, one kilo of potatoes, half a kilo of rice and four bananas!


What will you do with the prize money should you win? 

I would like to help my family. We immigrated from Russia to Australia with very little. This would be an opportunity to give back to my mum who sacrificed so much for my sister and me.  

How would you describe your personality? 

I am kind, confident and a bit of a perfectionist.  


What’s your motivation for winning Holey Moley? 

I’d love to win Holey Moley to inspire the younger generation of female golfers. It’s not just a man’s game. Anyone can play and you can have a lot of fun with it. Hopefully, I can inspire younger females and other women to get out and give it a go. 

Describe your style of play? 

I am an aggressive player and will go for a lot of things even when you probably shouldn’t! 


Why do you think you can win Holey Moley? 

It’s all determination, Dutch courage and the will to go all out and that little bit harder. 

Do you have any unusual skills that you think will help your game?  

I think the combination of my physical and mental skills will work in my favour. My juggling skills might even come in handy.  


You’re a rugby player, will any of those skills help you on the Holey Moley course? 

In rugby, I’m the playmaker, so whether that comes to defence or attacks, I always have to be three steps ahead.  I think that’s really going to help me focus on the task or putt at hand. 

Do you have a lucky charm?  

For my first Father’s Day, my little boy gave me a pair of funky socks. I now have 40 different pairs of funky socks and each day I wear a different pair. I’ll be wearing the socks on Holey Moley.


Do you have a competition mantra?  

I always say, “if your mind is willing, your body will follow.” 

Do you have a strategy for putting your competitors off their game? 

For me, good sportsmanship is everything. I’m going to use my happiness to drown out my competitors and psych them out that way. 


What will you do with the prize money if you win? 

I would really like to pay off my house and take my wife on a trip to Japan. I’ve lost count of the number of meat trays I’ve won at my local golf club for tournaments. 

If you could pick any celebrity to play mini golf against, who would it be? 

Rebel Wilson would be a great laugh.  

BEN, 21 – DJ 

What’s your mini golf dream? 

I want to be inducted into the mini golf Hall of Fame and own the best mini golf course in the world. A lot of kids growing up want to be astronauts, or firefighters, I want to want to make people happy through mini golf and the power of music. 

When did you start playing golf/mini golf? 

When I was five, my dad would create mini golf holes around the house. He would pose as various obstacles (often large animals) and make me putt through and around him. 


What is your golfing nickname? 

The Phoenix. I’m known for being down and written off, then rising from the ashes to claim victory and crush my opponents. 

What is your killer golf move? 

I happen to own the most potent intimidation skill in history, the no-look stare-down putt. It’s when you and your competitor face a shortish putt of the same length and instead of looking at your ball, you look them straight in the eyes and putt while staring them down. You only look back once you’ve heard the rattle of victory!



Do you think you can win Holey Moley?  

Absolutely! Fake it until you fluke it I say. I suck but I do it for fun. I do believe I will go in as the underdog, but I will give it my all.  

Have you been practicing your putting?  

Yes and no. I started practicing and realised I was getting worse, so I thought I don’t want to psych myself out and stopped.


When did you start playing golf/mini golf? 

I started golf when I was 10 years old, after my dad was trying to get my older brother into it. My brother quit after his little sister started beating him! I have been representing Australia since I was 12. I was ranked the #1 female amateur golfer in Australia from 2016 to 2019. 

Do you have a lucky charm with you? 

I’ve brought my old trusty putter with me that I’ve won a few golf events with, so hopefully it can bring me some luck. 


Do you have any unusual skills you think will assist on the Holey Moley course? 

I can putt both right and left-handed. 

If you could take on golfing legends in a round of mini golf, who would they be and why?  

Greg Norman and Tiger Woods. Greg Norman is one of the best ball strikers I have ever seen, he was my hero growing up. Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers to play the game in recent times. 


Describe your personality. 

I don’t take myself too seriously. I am a relaxed kind of guy who enjoys having a laugh but with a very competitive nature. 

Why do you love golf/mini golf? 

I started playing when I was about 10 years old with my dad. I think this is where I learned to be truly competitive.


What will you do with the prize money should you win? 

I would help my parents pay off their house and I would move out of home. 

What does golf/mini golf mean to you? 

I love the game and have been playing since I was three years old. We had a makeshift golf course in our back yard. Growing up, Tiger Woods was my idol.  


What is your strategy as far as your competitors go? 

I think you must weigh up people when you see them. You must find what their strength is and you need to know what their weakness is. You need to pull out the sledges and decide whether you need to be their best friend to be their number one enemy. 

Do you have a lucky charm with you? 

I have my putter. I have called her Jan because it’s like, “Not Happy Jan!” But then occasionally it’s like, “Well done Jan, love you Jan, mwah!” So, we have a love-hate relationship. Jan and I are going to have a beautiful relationship over this tournament because we’re going to win. 


When did you start playing golf/mini golf? 

I’ve been obsessed with golf ever since Covid-19 and international border closures halted my career. I plat every morning – I cannot get enough of it. My handicap has dropped from +40 to +15. 

Do you have a competition mantra? 

“Trust the putt.” It helps me facilitate that ball from my club into the hole.  


A little birdie told us you like to fib about your age… 

I do tell fibs about my age. I normally knock about 10 years off and tell everyone that I’m 53. If I can get away with it, why not? 

Do you have a signature move? 

I’m known as the Putting Queen. My signature move is my little peacock. When I hit a damn good putt, out come the feathers and out comes the peacock! 

Kevin Perry
Co-Creator and Editor of the TV Blackbox website, Kevin Perry is an experienced media commentator focused on TV Production, Consumer Tech, SVOD & Sports Broadcasting. Media enquiries please Call or Text 0428-275-111



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