Sexy new British drama ADULT MATERIAL arrives at SBS On Demand


Hayley Squires plays leading British porn star Jolene Dollar in Lucy Kirkwood’s new drama Adult Material.

Juggling MILF glamour on camera and the reality of motherhood at home, Jolene is a poster girl for the industry. Through her eyes we see a world that isn’t defined by exploitation, but by opportunity for working class women.

The hours are good, and the money is great, if you can lie back and think of England, and don’t mind the looks you get at the school gates. But the internet has midwifed a revolution in porn.

Producers like Jolene’s old friend and colleague Carroll (Rupert Everett) are forced to push boundaries further than ever before, in search of the erotic, the bizarre, the funny, the disturbing, and above all: the new. In short, something you can get the punters to pay for when everyone wants it for free.

Adult Material is a story that asks vital and serious questions about sex in the age of the internet, the blurring of fantasy and reality, and economic choices for women. But with the irresistible Jolene Dollar at its heart, it is above all a hugely entertaining, moving, outrageous, and human debate about one woman’s journey away from porn, and towards sex.

Adult Material – Tuesday, 1 December 2020 on SBS VICELAND and SBS On Demand (all four episodes available to stream)

Adult Material will also begin airing on SBS VICELAND, double episodes weekly at 9.20pm from Tuesday, 1 December.




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