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EXCLUSIVE | BOB HAWKE’S Granddaughter “BLINDSIDED” by his depiction in THE CROWN

Bob Hawke as depicted in THE CROWN (image - Netflix)
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As critics call out THE CROWN for its fictional account of historical events, the granddaughter of BOB HAWKE shares her views

Sophie Taylor-Price; Bob Hawke’s granddaughter

After controversy surrounding the depiction of the late former-Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, on popular Netflix series, The Crown, Hawke’s granddaughter, Sophie Taylor-Price, spoke to The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show about her view on the matter.

In the sixth episode of the latest season, a version of events is shown of Bob Hawke on Four Corners in 1983, ahead of the royals’ visit to Australia.

While there were many direct quotes from the interview, one in particular caused a stir – “You wouldn‘t put a pig in charge of a herd of prime beef cattle, even if it does look good in twin set and pearls;” which then-Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, did not say.

Sophie Taylor-Price told the hosts she was “blindsided” when she watched the episode, but that she takes it with a grain of salt.

“It’s one of my favourite Netflix shows, but I’m not going to get caught up in whether it was accurate or not, because I’m sure it wasn’t.”

She went on to say that she has learnt to not judge her family based on their portrayal in the media.


Originally tweeted by Ben, Rob & Robbo Show (@BRRshow) on 1 December 2020.

You can catch up on the full show here, including more of Sophie Taylor-Price talking about her grandfather, Bob Hawke.


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  1. The problem with this series of the Crown is that is has taken a LOT of liberties, most of them negative to the Royal Family. And people who don’t like the Royals push the line that it’s fiction and “everyone” knows it’s fiction. Yet that doesn’t pass the pub test. There were examples of Camilla photos on Royal social media getting a great response a few months ago, and now Camilla photos are getting attacked, often in Diana’s name. And clearly it’s because people are watching the Crown, and are unable to separate fact from fiction, and are going online and attacking the poor woman, and anyone who’ll defend her. So I say to the Republican types, are you REALLY sure people can tell that this is a made up drama? Really?


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